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Islam: From Adam to Moses to Isa Ibn Maryam to Muhammad (Literacy)

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  • Islam: From Adam to Moses to Isa Ibn Maryam to Muhammad (Literacy)

    This is my first post; it is my wish and blessing that all manner of conduct in the world be toward human well-being.

    With this said, I would like to inquire about the entire God of Abraham "narrative" as a Muslim perceives it.

    I ask this because I perceive the entire narrative as an eternal trap; the only way in order to escape this trap is to comprehend and employ the esoteric teachings of Isa Ibn Maryam. If I might provide basis for this I will do so now.

    Adam was created of the clay; in other words, the same constituents as the matter of the earth itself (carbon, oxygen etc.) It is in this regard that evolution is consistent with this account; indeed, even in the days of creation, marine life came prior to life on land. Adam was put to sleep and Eve was derived (from her rib) thereby non-dual (one becomes two as in the division of cells etc).

    God's first commandment to man: Do not eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Worldly Desires); else you will surely die.

    Now here we have God/Allah telling you the direct cause of death; to eat from this tree. This is absolutely significant for not only what is to follow but indeed; the whole of life.

    The problem I see with Christian/Islamic interpretations of this text is they actually disobey God by stating that the serpent was under the agency of Satan/Iblis. By doing this, the "believer" has already broken the first decree of god; it is as such they are forever deluded to the truth.

    The serpent does not offer you becoming God Himself, or your own God, he said you can become "like" God. What does it mean to be "like" God? To know good and evil as the serpent says.

    This puts the reader in a literacy-based dilemma: does he/she understand that the serpent must be treated as a neutral character? Because if he/she can, it begs the question: why would God forbid something and not provide the reason why it is forbidden, if not to have us unknowingly eat from it in order for ourselves to come to know what this tree is, and why not to eat from it. It is as such that eating from this tree is a natural consequence of man; therefor to derive this story as one of "disobedience" is poor reading; the only disobedience which took place is the local reader treating the serpent as inherently good or evil.

    Now God places a sword about the tree of life "lest man live forever" in his/her own ignorance. Knowledge of good/evil (since it is local) is the internal illusion which each individual engages with; death is a mechanism in place to end what would otherwise be a non-stop perpetual existence rooted in ignorance of one's own "self". Truth is a natural consequence; it happens over time and is self-contained in every life experience. As such, "death" is a part of life; a liberation from eternal hypocrisy.

    Good and evil are part of a duality which is an illusion; there is no objective good and evil. Thus, your physical incarnation on this planet is that very duality; what you refer to as your "self" as you are compared to "creation", or God, or Allah etc. This is the Maya; illusion. It is generated by you (unknowingly) and serves as the reason why the teachings of Isa Ibn Maryam (not the idol-erection of Jesus by the Romans) are actually the *only* real source of liberation, which I will come to in a short while.

    If your five sense organs are all external bound, they can never be (reliably) used to understand what is within yourself. They only show you creation by means of comparison to your "self". As such, if one treats their "self" as the only component of creation which is imbalanced, this brings up the notion of the "Christ" and the teachings of Isa.

    Now Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden whereupon they must sustain the pains of fleshly life (tilling the ground and pain in child birth). Cain and Abel were derived. Abel produced an offer to God in the form of abundance: first of his flock. Cain brought on on offering of the ground; the favor of God fell upon Abel for providing abundance, but Cain became jealous of losing favor and killed his brother. Man descends from this dilemma.

    Now the people (in the time of Moses) were suffering at the hands of the oppressors. They were promised a land wherein they could live free from oppression provided they follow the Laws of God which were carved into stone; as if to say, these commandments are so solid that I carve them into the very stone of the matters of the earth. To break any one of these is to become completely displaced from God. Sure enough, the people begin worshiping the golden calf, and break every commandment. Moses thus returns the gesture in kind and "smashes" the commandments; as if to send a sign to humanity that it is these people and all generations to follow who are in disobedience to God. Our current civilization is derived from these people.

    Now enter "Jesus" who I will declare outright was not God. I will not even hold that he was a real man; nor is it necessary. It is his teachings (regardless of where they came from) which must be read, understood and applied in order for one walk on the path of what he referred to being as "the truth, the way, and the life". Before I get into this, I will outline some extremely important, simple teachings he provided for all people: so-called "Christians" and "Muslims" alike. I believe that Jesus was a Muslim; however, not the same kind that has anything to do with Muhammad or the Qur'an. Before I convey these teachings, I must make clear some points:

    1. Jesus used the word "Father" to describe the source of creation. The word "Father" in Arabic might imply: one who teaches, one who nurtures, one who supports, one who disciplines, one who corrects etc. So Isa's use of the word "Father" might describe the entire "internal projection" of life; the very experience of life itself. It is not independent as your own "personal witness" account of creation. It is certainly not God, but the conduit it to God.
    2. Jesus spoke Aramaic; this language (by comparison to English) has very few words; it was a sort of creative process to combine such words into meaningful expression. The limited nature of the language necessitates this. As a result, his parables must be interpreted as exactly that: parables.
    3. Literacy: When I use the word literacy, I am referring to: ability to read; ability to derive important information; ability to comprehend; ability to employ what it says on a personal level and/or verify it using your own personal experience. If there is an individual incapable of doing any of these, I treat them as illiterate; though rather in a spectrum (one can read but not understand) ranging from can't read to can't apply what was read.
    4. The word "light" as used in the parables of Jesus did not refer to light as we know it today; indeed light was synonymous with clarity of perception, awareness (consciousness, ability to discern truth from untruth etc.) If we apply this to the use of the word "light", the teachings become clear.
    5. Jesus' message was ONLY intended for people who became astray (smashing of the ten commandments); thus this inherently requires an inner-recognition that we as individuals are (somehow) breaking these commandments (not to mention the good/evil problem which caused you to be here in the first place). As such, one must be able to understand exactly what the ten commandments mean. I will refer to a few of these shortly.

    Jesus taught thus:

    Your body is a lamp, and you are the light of the world.
    -What you perceive is relative to you; it is your own light which is manifest "as" the world.

    If your eye be single; your body will fill with light.
    -As per the FIRST STORY, you must treat all agency in the creation as "neutral" and happening as compared to you.

    The kingdom of heaven is within you.
    -As is everything else; what you perceive, how you perceive it, what you choose etc.

    Is it not written that ye are Gods?
    -When you dream at night, you simultaneously manufacture and experience your own inner "creation". You need no resources outside of your "self" to do this. There is thus a creator in you; it is the same mechanism that develops your dreams which is currently active in the manifest world; it is as such you are the "light" of the world. This does not make you God, but it makes you "like God"; you are just unaware of it because your sub-conscious mind (everything that you have become identified with such as race, religion etc) is driving you rather than your own conscious mind. This is why/how religion effectively uses your consciousness to build their own reality; not yours.

    The hypocrites (your own religious leaders) are taking away the keys; they enter not within themselves.
    -The "Christ" is not a person; it is internal. It is like a seed planted in among every man, only to be discovered if they turn inward upon themselves and treat the whole of creation as "one". This is why the "way" of Christ is the truth; this has nothing to do with Isa/Jesus or God; it is a choice: you either do it or you do not.

    I am the truth, the way, and the life.
    -If entering within yourself is the only "way", whereupon you begin to eliminate the duality within yourself (truth), it is only here you will discover the ending of the cycle of birth and death (life).

    Nobody comes to the father except through me.
    -Jesus is representing what is referred to "the Christ" which is not a person; it is an internal seed. As such, nobody comes to "the Father" except through Christ; which is to say, you entering within yourself, in private just as Isa taught.

    I am the alpha and omega; the beginning and the end; that which is in me is also within you.
    -Relative to your own experience, all of creation "begins" and "ends" with you, because "the Christ" is within you whether you like it or not. For many people, the moment of "death" and the moment of "enlightenment" are the same; because they denied themselves. To deny "Christ" is to deny the "Father" (only accessed by entering within yourself) which is to deny God, which is to deny yourself. This is why Jesus proclaims lest any man deny himself and take their cross daily.

    Regarding the claim Jesus will return: Isa taught "the Christ" was something that is within you. Thus, the "return" of Christ is simply to realize that it can only happen within you. This is why Isa alluded to the collapse of all temples; they are built upon the hypocrisy of either teaching "Christ" as an external savior or discarding the teachings of Isa entirely and making their own as the relate to the God of Abraham; which I would stand to suggest that Islam does.

    As such the teachings of Isa Ibn Maryam do actually contain the only way out of it all; to enter within yourself and undergo Christ which is as a seed buried in every man the flowers in the physical only if you enter within.

    Now regarding Muhammad, please understand I mean no offense to you or your religion, but I will dictate what is in the field of my own perception; an account of which I bring directly to "the Father" with no fear.

    To begin, allow me to draw this progression out:

    -We began with Adam and Eve naked with no shame or even knowledge that anyone was "naked".
    -They covered themselves with a leaf in shame.
    -The dark ages happened.
    -6th Century Arabia: women who were not buried alive were sold into sex trade rings if they could not be married into a wealthy/powerful family.

    So already we have the treatment of women having fallen to it's lowest point in all of humanity: we went from each Adam given his Eve from his own rib (soul mate) to burying women alive into the ground. Those who survived had graduated from a leaf to a full-body covering. This was done to prevent men from succumbing to their innate sexual desires should the woman not be covered fully.


    Discussions of idolatry are important because not only is idolatry forbidden by God, it should be prudent of one to actually understand what idolatry is outside of the typical imbuing physical objects as sources of divine power or deserving of some physical ritual involving worship.

    Idolatry happens in the mind; whenever your mind becomes identified with something it is not, the intellect will only operate based on whatever you have become identified with. This is natural; whatever role you are playing needs protection from your intellect in order to preserve your ability to play said role. However, if you become attracted to something which influences how your intellect works, then you are succumbed to idolatry. The Romans (after the death of Isa) erected Jesus as: God in the flesh, healer of all ailments, divine etc. which completely neglects the esoteric teachings; indeed the entire premise that Isa was only one man is crucial to understanding his teachings. As such, the people did much to imitate Jesus (as portrayed in the gospel accounts) and his traits. This is complete idolatry; they fell at the mercy of their empires' portrayal of Isa. These are the people (today) who call Jesus God; the "Christians".

    With all due respect to your religion, your prophet, your Qur'an, I can not help but feel that the erection of Muhammad and introduction of the Qur'an as essentially is yet another form of idolatry and clear disregard for the Law as commanded by God through Moses (whom you claim is the prophet of the God of Abraham). Let us simply observe this:

    In order to join Islam, you must perform the Shahada which is a witness statement entailing the initiate to proclaim themselves as a witness that there is no God but God and Muhammad is His final prophet. This is clearly (and rather obviously) in contention to Moasic law: thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. One can argue that such a proclamation is not in error at all; the Qur'an itself is proof. This involves the (necessary) breaking of another commandment: idolatry. It seems to me if you are willing to confess yourself witness to a dead man, as well as imbue a physical object with such a status as being delivered directly by God, then this is actually a literacy problem wherein your "authorities" have you blatantly breaking the real laws of God without you realizing it. This would be the hypocrites taking away the keys from you, which is what Isa taught, which (if truthful) is good for all of time. Indeed his message stands appropriate to this day.

    So I say; the Shahada ceremony is actually a self-incriminating indictment of your (actual) bearing false witness and all of your actions derived thereof to be as a result of idolatry involving Muhammad and the Qur'an. You could not even argue your way out of it if God/Allah put you to trial over it; which, incidentally, is soon to come as per the soul harvest is concerned.

    Now Muhammad was illiterate; he could not read. Anything he ever would have heard would have been from heretical sects. By this time the real teachings of Isa were far suppressed from the common man. Muhammad declares himself a prophet and (ironically) confirms everything which came before, including Isa. However, he himself died fighting for "peace"; having been poisoned. How many Muslims actually make effort to read/comprehend the teachings of Isa? How many will simply say "he was a great prophet" but give no further regard to his teachings? It seems almost every Muslim is in this dilemma; notwithstanding the ones who have not even fully read the Qur'an.

    If we observe the qualities Muhammad was imbued with in order to appeal to the masses: he was the best example of conduct (which invites imitation/idolatry), many wives (used as status symbols at the time), sexual strength of many men, conqueror, never told a lie etc. These look (suspiciously) like qualities chosen by a committee appealing to the baseness of man in order to attract as many recruits as possible.

    Now I ask you; 1400 years of infighting, hatred for "Jews", suggestions from your authorities to see all other people as "unbelievers" who are deaf, dumb and blind etc. Complaining about the West when it is the West who has provided the atmosphere for freedom of inquiry which allows one to "test" religious claims for their veracity; it is as such Christianity fell into the more passive form it is in now, but such is not the case for Islam.

    Now we have the solution to the religious conflict; either you comprehend the teachings of Isa (second coming) or you do not (damnation). This does not require worship, any deity, any holy book etc. as to be one with the Father as Isa described it is to restore your perception to treating the whole of creation as a Father; that you might see the hypocrisy of such religious institutions and become your own individual free from the authority of "religion" or oppression.

    Now this brings me to my question to the Muslims; when you perceive the God of Abraham narrative, how much of an importance are you placing on literacy? It seems to me that not only did Muhammad not know the teachings of Isa (he could not have read them), it is as though his own illiteracy was his own downfall; he did not recognize that what he was perceiving was all within himself; indeed he would fall fighting for "peace" because Isa taught that "peace" is internal, as is everything else you perceive. Do you not see the inherent hypocrisy of Islam? I hear/see many Muslims point their fingers at the West (and the West has its own problems indeed) but is it not written that you must not eat from this tree of good and evil and/or worldly desires? Is it not written you must not judge lest you yourself be judged, should you find yourself belonging to an institution based in similar (or worse) hypocrisy?

    I am truly interested to know how a Muslim attempts to excuse the dogmas of their authorities for such blatant disregard to the Laws which came before; indeed, careful consideration and understanding of why such things as idolatry must be avoided is out on display among the entirety of the earth for anyone with eyes to see it.

    Please understand I mean no disrespect to Muslims as individuals; I see human beings as human beings in varying states of "awareness". I wish no ill upon any man; but I do suggest your authorities have been lying to you for 1400 years; much in the same way the Christian authorities have lied to the Christians for over 2000 years.

    Fundamentally, all of these "institutions" perpetuate the global war machine; and it all comes down to what you are willing to live for and die for: in "servitude" to your authoritarians. The Jews have been reforming/changing scripture for thousands of years; and indeed, Islam is no different having strong ties in Judaism and Christianity. It seems to me the very enemies you have are the very enemies who keep you in a perpetual state of war not only among yourselves but the rest of the entire world.

    It is my wish and my blessing that Muslims one day stand against their authorities for having taken away the most fundamental component of the narrative from them: the teachings of Isa. To understand what is "one" is liberation from all religion; indeed to be one with the "Father" is to be free from all oppression, just as in the days of Abraham: your own prophet declared himself as having been "before" Abraham.


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