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What Quran Says About Hadith [Sunni]

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  • What Quran Says About Hadith [Sunni]

    Asalam Walekum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatu

    The Sunni in the title is for a reason
    I wanted to get my question from a sunni

    i am a shia imami ismaili muslim [JAFARI , SCHOOL OF THOUGHT]

    I am pretty much confused right now
    have many question but will start from a smaller one

    First one is regarding Sunnah
    I was reading a article
    ^^^ link to the article

    It says that Quran is the only message nothing else should be followed

    I might sound like a Quranist but
    Quran Also tells that Quran is a detailed book is various places [sorry i didnt remember the ayah no reference , but i have read somewhere]

    So My Question to all my brother is ,If Allah (swt) says that Quran is Complete , Detailed , Why Do People Follow Hadith , Which prophet didnt even told to collect [maybe read that somwhere too]

    Then you are going to say that Quran didnt tell you about how to pray so thats why we follow hadith
    But Quran Tells you That Quran Is Detailed , Complete

    And 2nd part of the question is
    Things Which Quran Dont Say But Hadith Say
    Like About The Beard , No where is mention about the beard
    About the hijab , parda , no where is mention about the parda is quran , Except , to cover chest

    So What are we following those which are not mention in Quran

    I dont want offend someone or to make someone angry , nor i wanted to troll someone
    I am just learning about islam , and these questions arise in my mind
    Please Can one who can explain in detail .
    JazakAllah khair ,
    Req : please dont question about anything , just give me those answer if you can , Thank you :)


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