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Discussions around Surah 86:5-7

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  • Discussions around Surah 86:5-7

    Peace to everyone!

    I'm writing from my mobile phone, so I'm really limited in formating the text, so sorry if it has no proper quotes from other sources and etc. I was reading Quran and found out ayat 5-7, surah 86. When I tried to find proper tafsir for I found a lot of hype around this ayah. Some new n believer were using this ayah to prove that Idlam is a false religion. Also I found out many islamic source who give very different explanation for this ayah. You can open Quran and read it. But shortly: the discussion is around the words that say that a liquid that man is made from comes out of place between backbone and ribs. Well for what we know semen comes out of defenetly other place which is not between backbone and ribs. This where whole discussion starts. I spent days on figuring out the truth about this ayat. And honestly there were some strange ideas like it says about human embryo, this theory is weak for my point of view. So as I spent a lot of time let me share with you my explanation on this ayah. First let me quote 86:7:

    86:6 He was created from a fluid, ejected,

    86:7 Emerging(coming down) from between the backbone and the ribs. ( Yahriju min bayni As-Sulbi wa At-Taraibi)

    Ok. First what we can say is that word Sulbi in arabic is usually refered to the male, meanwhile word Taraibi is not used in arabic those days but many scholars as I know refer it to the woman's chest, her ribs. Word Yahriju can be translated as exceeding, coming down, emerging. As we know all Holy Book like Quran, Bible, Torah avoid direct refering to reproductive organs, for example it says: Your sons comes out of your loins. Also Quran is given in a very poetic form, beautiful and in the same time is simple for understanding, unlike some people who connect this ayah to human embryo creation, this explanation is too difficult and too weak for my opinion, also I don't think that Quran is an encyclopedia.. when God wants to give people scientific knowledge He is doing it in other way, in the same time Quran has no scientific mistakes, yes it has some scientific facts in it, but in general this Book is about spirit not sci. And as I said given in very beutiful poetic form.

    So in my opinion this ayah is describes a sexual interaction between man and woman. And the moment when man ejects his semen inside woman it comes down in the area that we can describe as a place between his backbone and her ribs.

    Let me know what do you think? Am I right or wrong

    Thank and peace.