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Islam and Evolution

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  • Islam and Evolution

    Hello I am 17 years from the Netherlands, didn't believe in a religion but then read about the Quran (science), some Islamic Scholars says evolution is a no in Islam well others say evolution can exist according to the Quran.

    I made this myself well arguing with an atheist on Youtube

    Lots of muslims support evolution:

    So he created souls in his heavens and placed them in the body's of some of the first homosapiens.

    "It is he who has created man from water."
    Sura 25:54
    So were coming from water, like the one celled animals

    "And God has created every living creature from water."
    Sura 24:45
    Every living creature comes from water (the one celled animal)

    "And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud."
    Sura 15:26
    The first lands were altered black muds since the first lands came from vulcanos.

    "Amongst his signs is this, that he created you from dust."
    Sura 30:20
    Sounds like the astroid which killed all the dinosaurs. The whole atmoshpere was filled with dust after that astroid came to earth. Nearly all animals died instead of some rats which evolved into humans.
    Is my view on evolution and Islam right and or did I misread some parts of the Quran.



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