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Question for those who hate Kuffar

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    Originally posted by ConstantineAS95 View Post

    Can a Muslim say I hate Italians for the sake of allah because they’re kuffar? Also I hate the Chinese for their belief of ancestral religion? Islamqa refers to Jews and Yazidis as ethnic groups and strongly imply they insult allah by saying ethnicity is religion? How is that an insult and how is it shirk to believe your ethnicity is your religion?
    We dont hate people based on their nationality. Islam is the only religion which forbids racism.

    The prophet saw said: an arab has no superiority over a non arab, and a non arab has no superiority over an arab except by a good deed.

    He also said that the believers in their mercy and kindness towards eachother are like one body. If one part of its body is ill than entire body shares its illness.




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      Originally posted by Umar123 View Post
      Re: Question for those who hate Kuffar

      We hate them for the sake of Allah, its called Al Wala' Wal Bara'
      That's True, and also one of the reasons why people start to hate another group of People is because they lived something bad with one of them, even though they used to love them and respect them before, but you cannot control your heart. I myself make baraa from my own nation because of their disbelief in Allah just like Ibrahim a.s did (surah 60, ayah 4), let alone nations like America who kill our Muslims and rape our women.
      Even though I dont like these people, that doesnt mean I will not be kind to those who dont fight against Muslims.