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Qurb –practicing kalima

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  • Qurb –practicing kalima

    "Bismil Laa-hir.Rahmaa-nir-Raheem""Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen was Salaatu was- Salaamu 'Alaa Sayidinaa Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Asabihi Ajma 'een (tauheed- risalat- ahkirat and islam-iman-ihsan)
    Qurb –practicing kalima
    Recite and practise kalima taiba you will attain allah.
    Kalima in action-every action of every object in the universe is fulfilled from origin to finish by allah alone .our duty is to worship. every act should be connected to allah as creator/sustainer/fulfiller of all actions of the creations .then only every action becomes a worship.allah rewards every action but grades are different based on taqwa/piety of deeds
    1.recognize allah in every action fulfilling the job and bow/gratitude to allah at the spot.
    2. solve all problem in accordance with shariat.
    3. always think allah is our sustainer /creator.
    4. don’t misuse the trust he has given to mankind.
    5. for doing any job allah has to come to our resque because all job are originating from him and finish by him and even change by him.
    6.every ones destiny is fixed in allahsknowledge called iqthiza
    7. sprung in allahs knowledge and every object has its own destiny by itself in this called maloom.
    8. allah brings these objects to existence as they are with the power of reflection of his wajood/siffat/afaal/asaar know called madoom.
    9. objects donot have self existing power but they exist with allah.
    10. chose actions as per shariat and take allahs raza.every action will end with profit and loss.go in for gratitude if profit and go in for repentence and patient if loss. Sometime allah test us our obedience.
    11.everyaction is from allah(good is from allah and bad is from ourselves ).
    12. follow salah/roza/haj/zakat.
    13.sacrifice life in the way of allah. spend money for good cause in the way of allah lead personal life as per allahs commands
    16.extra nafil and sunnat meaning not only salah everything done good for allahs sake only-to gain nearness of allah and attain position hereafter. actions only for allah and his rasool(peace be upon him) raza
    18. do actions only for the love of allah and his rasool(peace be upon him)
    19.worship allah as if you see him or else atleast allahs presence should be felt. observe piety fear of allah and avoid shirk to allah in zaath/afaal/asaar/siffat.
    21.allah alone is omnipresent and seen in the creation.
    22.ask forgiveness /keep patience /be content /show thanks to allah.
    Sufism/tasawwuf is love towards Allah; the love that could not be explained but only experienced. The love for Allah, as preached by the great Awliyas (Friends of Allah),
    When I want to talk to allah I say prayers and when I want that he talk to me I recite quran- Hazrath Ali(ra)
    Make sure you forward this to others .