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Qurbiat/nearness of allah taala--Knowledge

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  • Qurbiat/nearness of allah taala--Knowledge

    "Bismil Laa-hir.Rahmaa-nir-Raheem""Al-Hamdu Lillaahi Rabbil 'Aalameen was Salaatu was- Salaamu 'Alaa Sayidinaa Muhammadin wa Aalihi wa Asabihi Ajma 'een (tauheed- risalat- ahkirat and islam-iman-ihsan)
    Qurbiat/nearness of allah taala--Knowledge
    Shirke Ismi or Jali: It is associating Ghairullah (anything other than Allah) with Allah in worship . all his previous good deeds will be wiped off (habthe a’mal). Confirmed hell forever. May Allah save us all from this(amen).
    Shirke fi’li or kafi: Praying for the sake of Jannath (heaven) or fearing Jahannam (hell) or Riya (acting to satisfy Ghairullah) also come under this category of Shirk .This does not make one a Mushrik , it does deprive the dharajaths (high positions in Allah’s sight) in the path of Sulook (way towards Allah).
    This Shirk is believing or thinking that Ghairullah can give us profit or loss, victory or defeat, good or bad on their own; believing that a Ghairullah, be it a Prophet or a Vali (friend of Allah) can give us gain or loss or act without the power and help of Allah. Even the smallest movement of our fingers is due to Allah providing us His power.
    The Mu’jizas and Karamath’s (miracles) of the Prophet’s and Awliya are but the manifestation of Allah’s power through them. they perform it with the help of Allah. If anyone thought that they did it on their own, he falls in Shirke Fi’li.
    Shirke Vasfi or Akhfa: It is the Shirk that involves the Zaathi Sifath (own characteristics) of Allah. It is thinking or believing that the Ummuhathus Sifath (mother of all characteristics), Hayath, Ilm, Iradha, Khudhrath, sama’ath, basarath and kalam that we find in the creatures are their own. They are in fact Allah’s and He has been merciful to manifest them on His creatures.
    Allah sees without eyes, hears without ears, speaks without mouth or sound; His action is without movement.
    This Shirk will hinder the ascension of the salik to higher grades of Makame Kurb (status of nearness to Allah).
    movements are in fact due to the kuwwath (power) of Allah. The creations use His power to perform actions(good /bad).
    Siffath belongs to allah and we find it in the creations are its reflections.We can feel and get excited over these Sifaths coming out of the creations. The existence of all the creations is due to the reflection of His existence and we can feel that too.
    Though the power and characteristics we possess are due to the reflection of Allah's characteristics, in no way Allah is responsible for the bad deeds which we do. We are fully responsible for that.
    From where is Allah seeing us and How is He seeing us? Here comes the concept of Allah's omnipresence. He is with you, wherever you are (Qur'an 57/4).we have eyes in our heart( ability to feel). We can experience the af'al (actions), sifath (characteristics) and the ujoodh of Allah. This feeling can be experienced both in anfus (within ourselves) and in aafaak (outside us).
    Shirke Zaathi or Khafiyul Akhfa: Only the great saints and awliya have been saved from this Shirk. It is believing or accepting the very existence of Creatures of their own. They exist only due to the subsistence (ujoodh) of Allah.
    Creatures are but a form that don’t have anything and Allah supports them with his ujoodh. Shunning from this Shirk is of the very highest grade of Iman (belief) and those who are encompassed in this Shirk are denied the state of Shuhoodh or ihsan.
    "Creations can never become Allah. Allah can never become a creation. But, no creation can subsist without Allah being with it." the creations do exist but, there existence is due to the existence of Allah. We exist within Him(by ujoodh and siffath). we are in his knowledge like how a writer writes what he wants (everything is in his knowledge) allah exists by himself and we are not allowed to think about His ujoodh for His ujoodh and Zaath are same for Him.
    Allah created us with His ujoodh. But, He has not changed a bit due to the creation of this universe. "Huwa al aana kama kana alaihi" (He is now as He was before). He is pure from changing, breaking, cutting into pieces, getting into something, something getting into Him, etc., etc. Allah has not changed a bit in any way in His essence and He will not.
    When I want to talk to allah I say prayers and when I want that he talk to me I recite quran- Hazrath Ali(ra)
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