Brothers and sisters, I posted this as a comment in another thread.. However, I would love to share this with everyone - and not risk only having the people who look at a particular thread to only look at it. This was said by my grandfather... he is a Christian - but i believe that he is onto something... perhaps not the religion of Islam, but his understanding behind the nature of destiny and free will.

A wise man once told me, my grandfather something beautiful... in terms which i can understand. He said this:

"In the eyes of God, you are a child. In heaven, and in the sight of God - men and women are equal, however, how we conduct ourselves with each other is something different altogether... but coming back to free will and destiny... As a child in God's eyes, he has given you a coloring book (your life)... in that coloring book is a picture which he has made for you - with no colors - just lines. He knows your final destination - which is the design of the picture itself... He has given you coloring pencils (free will) and with those pencils you can make that picture look absolutely beautiful for him, or you can make it look a mess... but the black lines in that picture will never change. When someone commits a sinful action and that person repents, or if that person commits sinful action accidentally and didn't intend to commit sin - then God will circle that section of the coloring paper and say "continue coloring this picture for me, but i won't judge your overall picture based on this section of the picture alone..."

That simple analogy... blew my mind and yet i was able to grasp the understanding. I love my grandfather.

My grandfather is an unusual man... but when I ever spoke to him he would say something which i could relate to and take away with me and i have incorporated his analogy/teachings into my very own iman. He was a christian spiritualist to be precise... and he explained to me something - that he was put through 'regression' - a trance like state. He was asked "what will the main religion be in this country" (UK in the 1970's) and he said "the muslim faith, and the rest of the world too", and they laughed at him... because Muslims at that time in the UK.. was a very very small minority... he was asked "what religion will you be when you die?" and he said "a christian"... I asked him "how would you know this, you must have been tricked by jinn surely?" and he said "what you call jinn i call spirit - they do exist and not all of them are evil... I was only told the truth by a good spirit, that was all - nothing more - nothing less".

Now... I wish to ponder over what he said. He said Islam would be the main faith of Britain and the entire WORLD. When he said that - it would have appeared to have been impossible for many... a 'pipe dream'. Now i do not in any way attribute anything to him - he is a man, a human being and no different than the rest of us... I asked him personally today "this coloring book... and the pencils... what do you think Islam is?" and he said this; "Islam is the first page of your coloring book... it is a guidance, a color by numbers if you like... Muhammad was revealed the Quran by God and his life was a testament to his own faith. Many Christians don't acknowledge him as a Prophet, but i do... but I don't see him as any more or less important than Jesus or any other Prophet" and i asked "So are you a muslim?" and he said "by your definition, no. I believe that God is one and i follow the teachings of jesus... I do not believe he was the son of god by yours or my definition... people get so worked up with terminology, many christians and muslims... it's all semantics. When i say "son" i don't mean "son" like a human would understand... I don't mean that he has a special lineage at all - his mother was blessed with him and he was filled with the spirit of God - nothing more, nothing less - but what he said i relate to.. it's just i relate to him more than i relate to Muhammad. It's like this, two people can talk to you... they can say the same thing and put it a different way or in different words.. but you find favor for one of them because 1 will be naturally easier to listen to - take in and understand - but still acknowledge that the actual thing said by both is of equal importance".

What do you make of my grandfather and what he said?

Do you think that he will enter jannah?