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  • 2 Questions

    Assalam Alekum

    I am Muslim and confused in many question. I want to ask two of them. Kindly solve my problem with logic instead of references from books.

    1. As human being, why we eat flesh of animals and kill them whatever in the name of Allah. Aren't we ashrafulmakhlookaat? How can we eat flesh like animals. Is this the first step to terrorism where they kill human beings afterwards. Prophet Abraham a.s didn't killed animal by his own. He just cut His son Ismail a.s throat unseeing, and a miracle replaced Prophet Ismail with a cow. Why we kill animals?

    2. There were 124000 prophets but human being isn't yet changed. Sand became microcontroller. Materials art developed but we r underdeveloped. Are they all failed? Why still we are facing terrorism, barbanianism, corruption and ignorance. Please do not blame Satan. He is absent in Ramadan when rate of bad deeds increase drastically. Are we corrupt by nature?

    I hope scholars will never iqnore my questions. May Allsh bless all. I'm waiting for reply email. Plz do not leave me alone. Thanks

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    Re: 2 Questions


    1. The One who created these animals, Allah , has made it permissible for us to consume their meat. Of course, we should never kill animals just for fun, but to we ar epermitted to derive benefit from them.

    2. The Prophets (AS) have completed their mission. Their mission has to deliver the mesage of Allah. Now, whether we act upon that message is our own responsibility. Terrorism, corruption, ignorance, etc., is our own lack of effort to learn the message. We can not blame the Prophets (AS) for our shortcomings.
    Secure few moments, everyday, to reflect upon the innumerable blessings of Allah and thank Him for bestowing them upon you.

    "A person who is blessed with the ability to be grateful, shall never be deprived of barakah and increase in blessings."
    - Rasulullah (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)‎



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