I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure where to post this or if it's in the correct thread. When I was 15 years old odd things started happening to me. I saw an odd shadow following me around it was a shadow of a man. My family didn't know much about Jinn because we are European Muslims and we aren't that informed of these creatures culturally. My first odd encounter was when I was changing in the bathroom for gym class as I was exiting the stall something smelled me right by my ear I turned around and nothing was there. After that I kept on seeing a shadow of a man watching me while I sleep and following me where ever I went. Being a 15 year old girl naturally I got scared. I didn't want to sleep inside my bedroom so my mom and I slept in the living room. That night a voice told me in a dream not to be afraid that he won't hurt me and that his name was David. After that I wasn't scared and nothing had happened for about a year when things once again started happening. Before going to sleep I would get paralyzed and I felt like it was on top of me trying to do sexual things and trying to take over my body. I couldn't even move my fingers. I would pray and recite surah's and I would break through. At night my head felt heavy and I had chills on my head. When I read the Qur'an my head would hurt. An Imam made a necklace for me with prayers to help protect me from this Jinn. After having that necklace on me I had another dream where the Jinn I assume was writing me a letter and telling me that he couldn't be with me because of something but he would try to figure out what and that he would do anything it takes to be with me again and I guess in my dream I said it was okay and then I started screaming in my dream. Well I moved from that apartment and I still had the necklace and things were good. Every once in a while something odd would happen but nothing too major nothing like what had happened before. Well it's been a few years from then and about a year ago I was about to take a shower and I know that I took the necklace off before entering the shower and showering, but when I got out of the shower the necklace was no where to be found I looked around my neck and it was there wet around my neck so I stopped wearing it but nothing happened for about a year. So here I am right now and about a month ago it came back. It tried to attack me and take over me but I didn't let it I recited surah's and recited the Qur'an. I know that listening to Al Bakara helps, that reading and listening to Manzil helps, that praying and keeping the house clean helps, and that being strong in iman helps. But I am desperate for a permanent solution and honestly I don't know what to do I feel helpless. I feel like this is keeping away potential husbands and I don't want to end up not marrying anyone because of this thing. I need your insight and some help against this horrible Jinn that won't leave me alone.