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Question About HADITH & QUR'AN

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  • Question About HADITH & QUR'AN

    Selam Alejkum ve rahmetullah ve berekatuhu,

    I have a Big Problem:
    WHY do people believe so much in HADITHS??
    I am confused because of that site: and that book, i mean what researchers find out is very confusing...

    They say: So we face the breathtaking situation that all primary Mohammed authors lived in the ! 9th and 10 century! and their stories have been written 200 years after !!! the Prophet and that they were all Persians, and that not a single were between Mecca and Medina ......
    Al-Tabari, who is regarded as the most important Islamic "historian", completes the picture: He lived in the 10th Century ...This prompted Ignaz Goldziher, the doyen of Islamic studies for his famous dictum:

    "No one who seriously engaged in Islamic studies, would dare to use the Muhammad and his companions as the source of sayings attributed to design a picture of the early state and the original teachings of Islam"

    So can anyone help me out, please
    I hope we can discuss seriously to help every muslim who have to face with that etc.

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    Re: Question About HADITH & QUR'AN

    we cant offer Nimaz with out hdith guidance so hadiths are very important for understand The Al-Quran properly.
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