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What does Wahhabis/Salafis believe and what makes them different from other Muslims

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  • Re: salafism?

    Originally posted by nonameakhi View Post
    shaytaan has seen Allah swt

    the head of Islamic studies at oxford was very educated in islam too, but was a jew

    shia imams have studied more than most but are shia
    Deep stuff right there.


    • Re: salafism?

      Originally posted by Drive View Post
      why don't they follow the madhabs?Is this haram? And whats a wahabi then?
      That's not entirely correct. Some Salafis follow madhabs and some don't. For example, Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen and Sheikh Ibn Baaz were both Hanbali. In addition Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was Hanbali and the legal system of Saudi is based on Hanbali fiqh.

      But on the other hand there are Salafis who do not follow a madhab. For example, here in the West I have noticed Salafi brothers to learn salah they will recommend the Prophet's Prayer by Sheikh Albani which as far as I am aware does not adhere to a particular madhab (someone correct me if I am wrong).

      You will also notice it on the Salafi oriented fatwa sites. For example, IslamQA does not adhere to a particular madhab whereas IslamWeb (also Saudi) is Hanbali in their answers.