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Waswas/ intrusive thoughts

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  • Waswas/ intrusive thoughts

    Aslam o Alaikum brothers and sisters I hope by the blessings of Allah SWT you all are doing good sO i am posting this 3rd time regarding waswas/thoughts i am facing

    These thoughts are about Allahs existence
    I know he exists and I keep saying it in my heart that i believe in ALLAH he the creator of the universe and no one worth of worshiping but Him
    But these thoughts pop up as He doesn't astagfirullah
    After watching lectures of tawheed provided by some people on this platform... nothing seems to work on me
    I fear Allah is taking hidayat away from me
    I have several other Posts on this issue and i found some that matched my situation but they haven't been active since years
    These thoughts would come when i seek help from Allah everytime they would come and start messing with me
    I get scared that they will become my reality
    i try to ignore them but nothing works
    So in my heart i start saying i believe in Allah I don't his existence i don't doubt his existence
    But these thoughts they will stay
    Please guys need help
    i fear Allah swt is taking hidayat away from me i pray 5 times a day but i still get them alot
    JazakAllah may Allah save you All from such situations
    And yes whenever i seek help from Allah or ask something from him
    These thoughts will come that he doesn't astagfirullah exist or Does he exist

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    Anyone who has faced them i need help How did you get rid of them


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      Assalamo alaykum

      It is common to go to a psychiatrist in the west, especially with muslim background if possible, trained in islamic psychology too.

      Not reviewing in detail your post, I can recommend in addition duas from dua books Hisn al Muslim, Ad Dua Divine help Momin ka hathyaar in English, reading surah Yasin and Manzil after every salat, a lot of dua, {salawat ibrahimi, estegfar, shukrulillah, tasbeeh-like subhanallahi walhamdulillahi wa la ilaha illallahu wallahu akbar wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil adheem, la ilaha illallahu wahdahu la sharika lahu lahulm mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadeer}-everything (isolated) x100 at least mornings and evenings.
      It shall go away in some days inshaAllah.

      Recommend thise to others (especially family, masjid, neighbors, fruends) and it will add to yours deeds and protections inshaAllah.

      Drink 200 mL organic 100% pomegranate juice daily. Take nigella sativa oil, nuts, olive oil. Drink at least 2x300 mLmilk daily. Eat 7 ajwa dates every morning and evenings. Eat figs, olives, apricots, plums.

      Give a lot of sadaqa. Nowdays there is a campain for sponsoring a whole family for Ramadat at Muslimhands, only 60£. The more the better of course.

      Be regular at the gym.

      visit hijama centres if in UK.

      Go to masjid for namaz.

      You take regularly ghusl and wuddu (also before sleep).
      recite duas and surahs before sleep (kafirun, amanarasulu, last 3 quls (blowing, wiping), ayat kursi and duas).


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        Originally posted by Syed_Mujtaba View Post
        Anyone who has faced them i need help How did you get rid of them
        Asalaamu Alaikum,

        Fear not my brother as there are always solutions to your issues. The following thread contains many resources, help and advices to help get rid of these irrational and energy draining thoughts and actions. Go through the whole thread and take notes and implement as much as you can:

        How to overcome Waswas (shaythans whispers) in worship - - Muslim Forum

        If you need anything else then please do not hesitate to ask.

        May Allah make it easy for you and allow you to overcome these insinuating thoughts. Ameen
        10 steps to increase our imaan(faith)
        Forty Good Deeds to do Everyday!



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