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Do I have to tell my mother?

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  • Do I have to tell my mother?

    I am a revert and was diagnosed with PTSD last year. For years I have had a horrible relationship with my mom and her family which has caused most of my trauma. She's a non practicing Christian due to laziness. Astighfurillah I admittedly did and still do resent my mother for being very hateful towards me. However I think it's a religious obligation to have a good relationship with her. I've recently moved back in and I feel my PTSD is worse since being inside with her and our family all day. She doesn't know I have PTSD. I want to tell her that I'd like to go back to my college's town in a few months so I can get space and start treatment again. My insurance doesn't work in her state so I can't see a doctor or therapist. She's a very self involved and angry person about these things. I've never recieved an apology for abuse and neglect I faced with her and she doesn't feel the need to because she thinks she's perfect and can never be wrong and I'm just ungrateful and crazy. I don't want to tell her as I expect her to be evil in response again but I want to leave. Am I religiously obligated to tell her these things?

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    You don't have to share everything with your mother. If you don't want to share with her your PTSD, then don't.
    The following link is a good summary of the rights your mother has with you:


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      salam alaykum wa rahat allah
      you dont need to share all your personal stuff with your parents however you can still try your best to be kind to her regardless of her feeling towards you and do it to seek the love of allah subhanahu wa talaa your improved behaviour towards her might eventually make her embrace islam and even if it didnt you will get the reward from allah subhanahu wa talaa
      if living with her will cause you more harm then i suggest to change your resident but still visit her from time to time bring her some presents and have some conversations with her doing this for the sake of allah will make your task easier inshaeallah
      i also suggest doing ruqya on yourself it will help inshaeallah ruqya is used for all types of illneses not just jinn and magic and evil eye this along with the therapy sessions will make you improve inshaeallah
      may allah cure you
      and allah knows best