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Sana’a manuscript vs the Modern Quran

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  • Sana’a manuscript vs the Modern Quran

    I’ve z wanting to get to know islam more recently and I have been really interested in the history of the Quran.
    Ive been researching about the Sana’a manuscript which I believe is a pre Uthmanic version of the Quran and I found that some words were missing or added from within the manuscript
    I’ll show you the variations here:

    i can understand all the variations apart from the one where in the san’a text it says

    Fasting or an offering”
    And in the Quran we read it says
    Fasting or alms or an offering”

    Also an apostate from Saudi Arabia told me that the Yemeni govt hid findings of the Quran as she believes it has been changed
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    Wa alaikum assalam

    Basically, the Sanaa' manuscript mushaf is the same one we have today but under the darkbrown script, traces of a light brown script are recognizable. This may indicate that someone wrote the Mushaf from his memory with some scribal errors and/or Qiraat then it was revised according to our Mushaf. The variants mentioned are actually from the deleted text.

    More details:

    A booklet in Arabic comparing Quranic and NT manuscripts:

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      The Birmingham manuscript is radiocarbon dated to be older than Sana'a manuscript and it is same as the Mushaf of today. If there was any change in today's version then the older manuscript is more likely to show that. Yet, it doesn't.


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