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Are oranges bad for you?

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  • Are oranges bad for you?

    No they're not, in case you're wondering, but I know you might see people "asking" this question, especially on here. They might say:

    1. "I'm thinking of writing a book on oranges and apples. Therefore, can you tell me why oranges are good?". If that's the only aim, then that's fine. If however, the aim is to put you off oranges, or just to use the question as a pre-text to put forward their own view on oranges, regardless of your answer, then be wary.

    2. "Whataboutism". They might say something intentionally stupid, using the weakest of links (because they cannot find any strong ones, or because providing other links will expose their agenda), such as "you say that nicotine is bad for you, what about eating oranges? They're both natural aren't they? Therefore, aren't they essentially the same?". They'll try their best to find anything that can link the two together, simply with the agenda of discrediting that oranges are actually good for you and/or that smoking isn't as bad as you think. They want you to stop eating oranges, and this attempt is to plant a seed of doubt in your head and your heart; or to keep your mouth shut and not speak out against nicotine, and the fact that it is not only is nicotine bad, but deadly. They want you to be indifferent or nonchalant towards nicotine, and hate oranges.

    3. They'll come all out against what they perceive to be the "bad" in oranges; mostly with stupid comments, such as "people choke on orange peel", and then want you to become an orange "apologist", which is stupid, not only because it's not the orange's fault that people decided to eat the peel, and ate it in such a way that they choked on it, but because it's not your fault either. No matter how people choose to eat oranges (or their peels), it doesn't make the orange bad.

    4. They'll justify their belief as to why eating apples is better (or more justifiable) than eating oranges, and in that way, slyly try to "prove" that oranges are bad, or that oranges have issues (and try to make you start questioning with the intention of making you doubt).

    When you see or hear someone "asking" questions about oranges, and that person either claims to have no knowledge of oranges, or only puts forward alleged grievances, look back at what they "asked", and see if you can read between the lines. Look at the type of language they've used, is it balanced especially when comparing two things? Or when the person compares, are they using words with negative connotations, or using negative language for one thing, while use positive or neutral language for the other; i.e, are they being negative about one, while being positive or remaining silent about the other?

    Look at their objectivity and sources; there's a difference between saying "Bob says oranges are bad", and "God says oranges are good". Bob is not on the same level as God, and Bob is making a subjective statment, based on his own feelings and desires, escpecially if you find out that Bob is a member of the Apple Defence League. God is objective since God knows what is good and what is bad.

    If they claim to want to learn or know, but every time you respond (or see someone else responding), they say "no, but no, but no", then make up your own mind as to their actual intention and/or state of mind (open or closed).

    Also remember that just because no one answers the questions of the orange-hater, doesn't mean that there isn't an answer. 99% of the time, people don't want to waste their time responding because they've talked to the person before, heard the same unsubstantiated arguments before, or talked to people with the same intention before; Mr./Mrs Orange-hater will not change their mind, and their only intention is to "discredit" oranges or make others confused or start doubting.

    Finally, if an orange-hater tells you that apples are the same as oranges, or that it's better to eat apples rather than oranges, I'm sure someone else was encouraged to eat an apple, I just can't remember who...
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