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Tarot in Islam

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    The thing with tarot is it's spiritually based. So when they tell you things like you need to let go and sth new will appear or so and so regrets blocking you or things like you need to be expressive. All this does sound legit but the thing is if you start using them as your guidance instead of using the Qur'an then your life isn't going to get any better shaytaan will use you as his baton to use you and do his dirty work for him.

    whereas Allah is always there protecting you and saving you from all kinds of harm through the Qur'an.

    ​​​​​​Follow Allah's guidance because that's like your best friend through hardships and confusions. And it teaches you how to live, be and become better.


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      Salams, whoever wants to read this can read it.
      Believe me I had my evil doubts about fortune telling and all that nonsense.
      I thought I did shirk.
      I wanted to know how those fortune tellers manage to tell the future.

      All praise is to Allah whom allowed me to digest this piece of info.

      Listen to me very carefully. We all know the astrology fraud. It's happened in China. They scam people, so basically, a man goes to those evil fortune tellers, and pays his money thinking his fortune will be true.
      They lie and scam him, and so they run away and migrate to a different country. And so the man has now had a loss of A LOT of money.

      Second thing is this
      When they manage to predict your future or something, they communicate with the shayateen, and so for example:

      Say a man visits as sheikh or someone who only pretends to know.
      The sheikh tells him, oh your daughter is sick go and look at her or help her. The man thinks wow he knew (Nauzubillah).
      When what really happens behind the scene of this whole drama is:
      The sheikh tells the shayateen to go and check what is happening to his daughter, and so the shayateen tells the sheikh what is happening, and so the sheikh tells this man.

      Second thing is this.
      When someone goes to get their palm reading done, the palm reader sends the Jinn and shayateen to go and eavesdrop on the malaikah (angels) whom Allah tells the future.
      So now the angels might be discussing what Allah just told them or something like that you know, and the Jinn hear it, they then tell that stupid palm reader.
      And this is a dangerous game.
      Tarots are still shirk, because in front of you it may seem like the evil palm reader or person is (Nauzubillah) knowing.
      But you don't know he hires shayateen to go and spy on angels or people, and somehow that information comes to you.

      To read more: Go HERE or paste on Google:

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