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I took a maintenance loan out is it haram ?

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  • I took a maintenance loan out is it haram ?

    Asalamualakum Is the maintenance loan haram ?

    I took out 7000 UK Pound . I only took it out because It adds to my tuition fee loan which is 27,000 for 3 years so 34,000 total plus interest may be 38,000 or whatever.

    Now if the tuition fee was free and maintenance loan was not I would not take it out because to pay 7000 back does not take long and the interest will be payed easily but I took it out because it adds to my debt which I will not pay back . No 1 pays back the original amount 27,000 never mind the interest on it.

    The conditions to pay back both is

    1. You must be on 25,000 or above

    2. After 30 years cleared of

    if your on 30,000 pound a year you still would not pay the original amount which is 34,000 rather you would pay in your whole life time maybe 28,000 because they only take a little amount a month e.g 30,000 = 70-80 pound a month

    So I took the maintenance loan out because I know I would not pay interest on it. So in theory it is interest practically its not unless your on 70 thousand or more then you will pay it back .

    So is that still haram because I do not pay it back anyway the interest?

    If its haram and they do not accept it back then what shall I do? because I would still need to pay back for it