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The test of life

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    Re: The test of life

    It's a literacy test.

    Allah has provided to you all things that you might see His design; sufficient and exalted is He who has created all things.
    Allah has provided to you the Books of Moses; verily for a people to contemplate over the centuries.
    Was it not Allah who (first) declared unto man (fashioned from the clay of the earth) that before him (Adam) first came life from the sea and then the land? Verily it is in accordance with evolution to those with understanding.
    Was it not Allah who gave the generations of Adam The Book; that man might employ in accordance? Sufficient is He in all things; exalted, wise.

    The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil; it is Allah (sufficient is He in his devices) who devised this tree that man may learn.

    But man has not learned; for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the agent of death itself; to eat from it, knowingly or unknowingly, and without deriving lesson, causes your death.

    It is Allah who forbade it; but you understand it not. They say "the serpent is Iblis! He is the evil one," but Lo! It is here man has gone astray; for who is the one to hear Allah forbid a tree, and in the very same breath declare the agency of the serpent as evil? Do they not see the hypocrisy?

    For those who are astray yet; forbear me this similitude: a child told not to touch the fire by a parent knows not for themselves the need to heed; for it is only when the child (in their ignorance) touches the flame is the full lesson imparted. As such, the serpent tempts you not with evil agency, but of necessity.

    The reason (to those who are illiterate) is to deduce consequence of action. To eat from the tree thus and not derive consequence of action is to touch the flame and derive not lesson, but in perpetuity char themselves into death.

    Is it not Allah who placed a flaming sword upon the tree of life lest man live forever in such a state?

    What then of the serpent who tempts Eve? The serpent is neutral; he declares by eating of the fruits one shall become like Allah; to know good and evil. The serpent offers not to become Allah, or your own God, but like Allah. Do they have literacy to see? For those who have ears, let him hear.

    Do they not see (then) it is Allah who gives sufficient account to the fall of man? There is no error upon it; the error is in the deficiency of an illiterate mind to understand. What else then does Allah provide to the people?

    Was it not Allah who sent to you Moses? And what of His ten commandments? Was it not Allah who inscribed them in stone; as if to say "O Moses! Make in known to your people that these commandments which Allah shall presently inscribe for you in stone are likewise solid as stone. Was it not Allah who created the heavens and the earth and declared as it be above so be it below? Still do they not see?

    Was it not Allah who promised you a land free of oppression? And at what stake; that man might follow the most basic guidance for even a simple people to understand. But they stumble over words; they treat these things as if such activities transpired on the earth below and as such don't see the higher meaning; verily, the guidance of Allah is only seen with eyes devoid of hypocrisy.

    Allah says though shalt not bear false witness; and they say "I have witnessed Muhammad and his example." Do they not see; if they are called to witness for proof, they will say "We have the Qur'an from you O almighty Allah!" giving no thought to the laws which came before. There is no abrogation with Allah; his laws are perfect and sufficient for those who build solid foundation in the early laws.

    Was it not the Israelites who broke the commandments after being given the land as promised by Allah? Was it not Moses who thus broke them subsequent (as if) to say "here marks the generations who have turned their backs on Allah; falling victim to oppressors who confuse them. Verily, it is of a surety, man is far descended from such generations.

    Was it not Allah who provided (even to the transgressors) a man to a people worthy of seeking His guidance and a return to a land free from oppression? They say: "Isa was a great prophet!" but they understand not his words. Isa was gifted with expression (imbued by Allah) to present parables to a people with the ears to hear. It was He who delivered upon the transgressors a man to heal their blindness.

    Was it not man who (subsequent) defiled the teachings and called Isa God in the flesh? Isa declares himself alone just one man, but the hypocrites who understood not his message did crucify him and erect him as God; defiling the very teachings themselves. Have not the (hypocrite) Christians defiled the teachings and committed atrocities in His name? Allah allows all these things; that you might perceive the atrocities that are consequence of idolatry. To erect any man as more than a man and imbue him with qualities that appeal to the weak minded is the work of heretics and hypocrites.

    Now listen; was it not Isa who said he is the Christ? Did he not impart upon you that he and the Father were one; the father in him, and he (Christ) in you? Did he not impart to you that your body is a vessel; a lamp; and you are the light of the world? Was it not Allah who declared light on the first day? Do they not (now) see that light was called into being before the planets and stars (Signs); do they yet not see that all matters are one energy; their own light? If your body is a lamp emitting light, and that light is you, then verily what you perceive is your own energy in accordance it the laws of Allah.

    Do they not understand Christ to be within themselves? Like a seed planted in among every man; only accessed by comprehending the teachings of Isa? Was it not He who sent Isa to the world to declare himself as the only way to the Father? He declares no man gets to the Father except through him; being the embodiment of the Christ that others might understand the Christ within themselves; for it is only when one discovers their own inner Christ do they come to the Father.

    Was it not Isa who declared Christ as the Alpha and Omega; beginning and end? Do they still not see the beginning and end of all things to coincide with the beginning and end of themselves? They say: "People die and yet all continues to exist; there is no such alpha and omega". It is so by design; they know it not what death is, for they only see it relative to life. Only those who comprehend the teachings of Isa will understand the implications; it is so because literacy is required in order for be further guided by Allah.

    To those awaiting the return of Isa; you are confused. The return of Christ happens not externally, but internally. Was it not Isa who declared himself as within you? Was it not Allah who sent Isa for those who are astray; partaking in perpetual oppression and suffering; pointing fingers saying: "It's the Jews!" or "It's the kafir!" Did they not understand the teachings of Isa; if your eye be single (to perceive all as one within yourself), your body shall fill with light. If your body is full of darkness, darkness will consume the earth. If your body is full of light, you will discover the Christ as He has prepared in you as a seed; only accessed if you enter within yourself.

    Was it not Isa who delivered the (eternal) reminder to those astray; it is your own authorities who take away the keys because they enter not within themselves (hypocrites) and erect in their place other such idolatrous distractions?

    Now know the truth; the Muslim rightfully corrects the hypocrites of Isa; no man is God. But they know it not their own hypocrite leaders, who do not enter within themselves, have erected Muhammad is similar fashion. They declare him the best example for all of humanity, many wives, sexual prowess, honest and integral. The Muslim then likewise with the Christian worship him; O muslims, is it not Allah who created evolution that you might understand you are derived from a base species? Was it not Allah who populated the earth with them; that you might know your own origins. Was it not Allah who taught the animals to imitate their surroundings?

    Do the idolators not see imitation as an animal trait? Do they not see how the hypocrites who imbue books as the perfect word of Allah; likewise who erect idols such as Muhammad for an illiterate people to succumb themselves to into oppression and suffering? Do they, who call Isa ally, not see the need for animal sacrifice; that of the animal within? For animals are liable to imitate, and imitation leads back into idolatry and oppression.

    Allah has made every life sufficient unto itself; the God of Abraham is likened unto a test for literacy and understanding of attending to their own inner Christ.

    Was it not Allah who sent you Muhammad? Was it not He who tested Muhammad thrice to ensure his illiteracy? Did Muhammad not provide you sufficient account of how a man, despite his most honorable and sincerest of efforts, could not perceive the teachings of Isa and entangle himself into the creation subsequent? And what does his example accomplish? Every ounce of his being invested into the creation of peace but with no understanding of Christ. Is it not Allah who provided you example of the eventual demise of the illiterate peoples who receive not well the teachings of Isa; the only mercy through which to return to the creator? Do they still not see after 1400 years the inevitability of perpetual war; wherein the topmost hypocrites profit from their ignorance? They blame the West; they see it not the inherent hypocrisy of Islam and the following of an illiterate man.

    Nay; they allow their hypocrite leaders to decorate the man who died fighting for peace. He left no leadership because he is the Seal of the Prophets; his deed to humanity is revered in the eyes of Allah; for Muhammad made excellent example of the perpetual conflict caused by lack of literacy.

    The so-called "believers" call all others unbelievers; was it not Allah's first commandment to all of man that he may eat from any tree he wishes? The unbelieving scientist, then, who passions and labors over matters of science and provides a means to juxtapose your scriptures; in legitimate pursuit of human well-being, is counted among the kafir?. Call you them the infidel when it is they who more closely obey the commandments of Allah than those so-called "believers" who have allowed their own authorities to turn their face away from the commandments (solid as stone) that has them bearing witness to dead men; idolatry of books, cubes and impressions, lying for particular (empire-based) causes, ownership of women and appealing to the baseness of man. The hypocrisy is rich; but they see it not.

    Now just stop and perceive the whole of the planet; 1400 years of infighting between Muslims; indeed Muhammad was well to declare Islam to become increasingly divided. Verily it is by design; Muhammad and his example is a collection of souls who perceive it not that the institution of religion is inherently false and constructed upon hypocrisy.

    All temples built upon hypocrisy will fall under the weight of their own hypocrisy; as such every man will fall under the weight of his own. Was it not Allah to declared upon the return of Christ all of the temples shall fall? It is your own reliance on religion which falls; if you understand the teachings of Isa and seek your own Christ, you become detached from the perpetual war machine which only ends in self-destruction.

    All of religion; indeed the whole God of Abraham narrative, beginning with Adam and ending with the Seal of Muhammad contains a narrative sufficient to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. The progression of the narrative is the progression of systematic hypocrisy; starting with Adam and Eve being naked with no shame, to eating and becoming aware of their nakedness/shame, to 6th century Arabia whereupon women were either married into wealthy families, or given into the sex ring, or buried alive; and those women who survive are now dressed in full-body garments. The hypocrisy is such that if a fish were in an ocean of water, it knows not the water because the fish is completely encapsulated by it. Such is the hypocrisy of all religion.

    Was it not Allah who sent Isa to remind the people he would return whereabouts a man with a jug of water appears outside of the house? Was it not Allah who provided the stars as signs? Was it not Allah who created the constellation of Aquarius; the man with the jug of water? Is your body not a house; do you perceive Aquarius in the sky presently? How many more signs do they need?

    Was it not Allah who allowed Non-Muslim nations to rise? Was it not Allah who granted them clear minds, devoid of infiltration from religion, to produce such film works as the Matrix; whereupon a man discovers there is something wrong with the world; whereupon he seeks the consultation of Morpheus (God of Sleep/Dreams), whereupon Neo requires "Trinity" (The Father(1) is in Christ(2) is in you(3)); whereupon Neo is offered one of two choices: enter within your self or do not and watch/partake in the collapse; whereupon Neo touches the mirror and enters within himself; whereupon Neo is (inevitably) lead to the creator; whereupon Neo asks the creator "why am I here?" to which the creator responds: the whole of creation (matrix) is in perfect balance, except for one anomaly; whereupon Neo realizes the problem is choice; whereupon Smith asks Neo the same question Neo asks the architect: why are you here? And Neo solves everything upon the moment of realization.

    "Because I choose."

    Was it not Allah who granted such men as Albert Einstein his genius to decode the mathematics of the universe? Was it not Einstein who proved, to a certainty, that time (causality, everything that happens) is relative to the observer? Do they not see how there is only one energy; all else is in perfect balance, and the only anomaly in the whole of creation is them? Do they not see why the ancients say that enlightenment happens to 99% of people at the exact same moment of death?

    Was it not Allah who imparted upon every man and women governance over their own internal choices? Was it not Allah who gave man and woman free will? Was it not Allah who imparted the key; the tree; to understand when one is to touch fire (transgress) one will derive lesson up to and including death? Was it not imparted unto man that he could become like God? Was it not imparted upon man by Isa that ye are Gods; though you know it not?

    Do they not see how while asleep at night, they have the ability to simultaneously create and manufacture an experience and witness it concurrently? This all happens internally without any exterior resources; you are the creator of your own experience. You can either dream unconsciously (not aware you are creating the dream) or lucidly (you are in control of what you manifest). Do they still not see this is the creator within them? Do they see the very creation abilities they employ in sleep is the same mechanism being used in the waking state? Do they not see life is but a dream; a dream in the physically manifest? Do they yet still desire to allow others to plant ideas into their minds; suchthat they begin manifesting the world others desire through the employment of fear and terror? Was it not Allah who sent Muhammad to the peoples to declare his victory with terror?

    Now what have you learned? Perpetual war, human suffering, hatred, divisiveness, geopolitical military complex. And they convince you the only way to "heaven is to fight and/or die in the cause of Allah. You fight not for Allah, but for the hypocrites who call themselves Allah. You fight ad die for your own empire-based fascist ideologies. Not even your topmost leaders regard any aspect of religion as true; religion is merely a tool to completely hijack the intellect by forcing people to identify with something that you are not. Was it not Allah who made man sufficient unto himself?

    Peace can never be an external solution; it can only be an internal one. When you identify your own self as the problem, and seek peace within yourself and only within yourself, you may just find Allah to deliver you into the kingdom over time. Was it not Isa who reminded you that the kingdom of heaven lies within? On what grounds then do the so-called "believers" employ war and terror to achieve it? Do they not see they are employing the evildoers by subscribing to their (extremely well crafted) dogmas?

    Now hear this; the teachings of Isa stand firm in their ground while the world engages in its own collapse. People of the God of Abraham have one of two choices; you take control back over your mind (which is forfeit to religion) and enter within yourself; or you continue to go along with the narrative and see where that leads. The choice is (and always has been) yours.

    It is my wish and my blessing that you wake up from this petty existence and establish yourselves directly with the creator. If you enter within yourself and disassociate with everything you have become identified with, what you refer to as "Allah" will become a living reality for you; completely absent from religion.

    It is my wish and my blessing that each finds his/her own Christ for "lest any man deny himself and take up his own cross daily and follow me", you will never escape what will otherwise become (as with the first narrative involving the tree) lock in a state of perpetual ignorance thereby perpetuating your own personal cycle of birth and death.

    Creation is beautiful when you realize you have (and always have had) full control over your own destiny.


      Re: The test of life

      Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
      Assalamu Alaikum

      Hello brother. It seems that you believe in Allah and His role as the ultimate creator of everything. If He created everything surely His intellect far supercedes ours. Then how can we possibly begin to fathom everything that He saw and planned. It is like you creating artificial intelligence which isn't even 0.1 % of your intelligence and you expect the AI to perform all your actions and have the same insight as you. Do you see the flaw in your reasoning? It is great that you are asking questions because Islam is indeed the true religion but one must acknowledge their shortcomings before heading into a debate, otherwise they have the potential to trick themselves into false conclusions.

      Originally posted by oceanbreeze View Post
      I have been wrestling with this question for a while...

      I most definitely believe in Allah, that He is the master of the universe and that He has an ultimate plan for us all. But I have been told by many people that we live on Earth because Allah is testing us, and how we perform during this test will earn us rewards or punishments. But if Allah truly knows everything, what is the point of testing us? Of course we must be held accountable, but what's the point of holding us accountable if He knows the future, if He knows whether or not we will truly accept Him and pray to Him, if He knows our very words before we speak them? Would it not be more convenient to only create people who will undoubtedly accept Him and worship Him willingly?

      What do you guys think?
      Ask yourself why you were created. Do not let society distract you from seeking the truth.
      Sahih International, 63:3 (Surah Al-Munafiqun)
      That is because they believed, and then they disbelieved; so their hearts were sealed over, and they do not understand.