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Praying and job/school

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    Re: Praying and job/school

    Originally posted by talibilm09 View Post
    Only very Jahils will pass in front of praying person if they knew how much sin it was they will prefer to wait of 40 years said some hadith.

    Sister, Actions are the correct ENDORSEMENT more than spoken words and last actions of Prophet has to be followed . I am sure that narration came before since such many many hadiths from Aysha :RA: shows Prophet was praying thaajudh when she lay in front of Prophet. And Above Endorsement from Fadl Ibn Abbas, the Son of the top Scholar of Islam in above post # 7 again shows the salah will not become null & Void. .

    But even in a worst come worst scenario even if we were wrong in our understanding ( May Allah forgive us) the fard of yours is COMPLETED. But the grade of the salah will be in question. Allah is fair .and does not levy on us which we cant bear or which is out of our control SO if we had taken RIGHT MEASURES OF PUTTING A SUTRA and STILL IF A DEVILISH WOMAN ( Prophet calls the Black Dog as a Devil so the three could be devil in the sense such a woman will not be a good woman but a Devil) who spoils concentration of the Salah so the sins is on her. Shaitan is putting you under WASWAS so that you loose your temper or get tired with waswas.
    But laying in front of someone isn't passing, just stationary

    (Not arguing you by the way just asking because I am confused :jkk: for the information)


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      Re: Praying and job/school

      Originally posted by Sarah5 View Post
      But laying in front of someone isn't passing, just stationary

      (Not arguing you by the way just asking because I am confused :jkk: for the information)
      Sister, Yes you are right like someone stays stationary and we pray behind him in the masjid. But another narration is

      Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 1040
      'A'isha reported: I was sleeping in front of the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) with my legs between him and the Qibla. When he prostrated himself he pinched me and I drew up my legs, and when be stood up, I stretched them out. She said: At that time there were no lamps in the houses.

      or you have to do this

      Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 1023
      Abu Sa'id al-Khudri reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: When any one of you prays he should not let anyone pass in front of him (if there is no sutra), and should try to turn him away as far as possible, but if he refuses to go, he should turn him away forcibly for he is a devil.

      So that hadith by Fadil Ibn Abbas will be the last action in my opinion. But if one wants to stop by hands he could do that too but see it does not result in FIGHTING in the Masjid which will be a big Haram. So there will be DOP here that's why I told the worst come worst scenario in my previous post.
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        Re: Praying and job/school

        Wa alaykum assalam,

        At the end of the day, worrying about the opinions of people is futile because those whose opinions we feared will never be able to help us in the akhirah, so we'd rather obey and strive to please Allah swt, because ultimately we will be returning to Him.

        It's wonderful you are concerned about your salah, this is such a blessing alhamdulillah, so never let it go.

        Especially as you are a sister, try and find a quiet place to pray, maybe a store room or just anywhere out of the way. You don't even have to tell anyone and you wouldn't be gone longer than 10 minutes. Allah swt will make it easy for you.

        And remember, don't feel embarrassed or awkward, you're a Muslimah ma'sha'Allah and that's something to be proud of.
        Ya Muqallib al-Quloob, Thabbit Qalbi Ala Deenik
        Oh turner of the Hearts make my heart firm on Your Deen


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          Re: Praying and job/school

          Walaikum Assalaam

          You find a room and just pray. Just be open and show that you are praying. It was weird situation to be caught praying in a dark room.

          And yes people will mock you. It sort of shows other people where you stand and what you might think about certain issues.


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            Why are you afraid of being laughing at for your pray? Are you ashamed of praying, of your religion and culture? I believe, no. You can ask your school administration where you can find an empty class or maybe some professors can help you. I think if you do not hide your prays others will respect you!


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              Walaikum assalaam sister,

              Take comfort in knowing that you're focused on completing your salah & want to find the best way to be able to do it in these situations. If you are at school, speak with either your teachers or someone such as the vice principle, as they will be able to pass word around that you are to be allowed time (particularly when there is no break between classes) to go pray, they may be able to offer you an empty classroom nearby or another room (again this will depend on your school). If you are at work, a lot of countries in their workplace laws, protect the worker's right to religious practice. As such they must allow you the time to pray outside of allocated breaks.

              At my current workplace, only 3 people (out of about 30) know I'm Muslim so I understand the worry & possible ridicule, especially when one hears how others talk about Islam or other faiths. When I was in my previous team I had little worry about performing salah at work, as I would only have fajr to do while at work. However now I have moved in my department, often times I have Dhuhr through to Isha at work. Depending on the workload that day, I will either pray at the back of the warehouse where no forkilifts can go, or if salah falls during my break, I will pray in the empty room above our office/kitchen to have some privacy.

              As you complete your salah in these places, it may be odd at first, as naturally the brain will focus on the negative but eventually it will be incredibly freeing to do so & your sole focus will just be with the salah & not on others' opinions.


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