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If you're a new Muslim and are struggling with learning how to pray this might help

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  • If you're a new Muslim and are struggling with learning how to pray this might help

    Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. I thought I would do something to help people learn to pray who are like me and find it hard to concentrate and don't speak any Arabic ,All the videos and the app iv provided all have English translation so you know what you're saying.

    I been self studying sins Ramadan so only been about 2 months now but I almost know how to pray.

    Watching someone speak and explain what to say and do is very hard for me to concentrate, copy and get the words right so I found the best way is to find videos with people reciting in such a way it was Hart warming, kind to the ear and it made you want to recite along with them

    This is the way I did it in order.

    1 . get a app called "step by step salah" this is where you learn the moves like how your feet should be when sitting , what to say and when to say it etc , it also has a play function so you can listen and copy what needs to be said if you prefer that way. I used this function when I couldn't find a YouTube video.

    2 . Learn surah Al Fatiha use in this video

    3 . Learn surah Al Ikhlas
    4. When sitting between two sujood

    5 . Learn Tashshahud this was the hardest for me and took a while but now I can doit from memory.

    6 . Learn Durood Shareef

    6. Learn Dua Ibrahim 40-41

    First I learned Surah Al Fatiha. I did nothing else untill I could say it all with no mistakes and sayit anytime with no help just from memory (I was so happy the first day I could say it with no support).

    Don't move on to the next video untill you can say the video you're on with no help and sayit anytime from memory.

    The app will help with the words you say at the start and in-between like the Thana and when to say it etc.

    Inshallah this helps someone out there whos new to all this and might be struggling to learn how to pray. Again I found it so much easier this way rather than a 1 on 1 with a person or a direct video from start to finish.

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    Assalamu Alaikum brother, Jazakallah for these links and your personal tips. I'm born muslim but lost my way from Allah and now finding it again. I know Surat al Fatiha but still much more to learn. Inshaallah going through these videos and visiting the mosque again will bring me closer to Allah again.



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