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Info threads - FAQ - essential info for new Muslims - esp if you're really really new

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    Info threads - FAQ - essential info for new Muslims - esp if you're really really new

    inshaAllah I'll be posting some threads with info and advice that is based on what i have learned since reverting, from personal experience. I wrote this stuff a while ago for the purpose of helping new Muslims, but have yet to find a "home" for them. They are there to be read when you are ready to deal with those issues. I don't want ANYONE - especially if you only took your shahada yesterday or sommat!! - to feel that I am saying "do this now" "do that now" etc. You must take things slowly and not take on more than you can cope with in one go. Allah knows your intentions, and He knows everything you are going through and He is All Merciful. However if you are like me and want to read everything you can get your hands on (or your mouse for that matter lol :p ) - I am posting these things for you :)

    Of course i have most likely made mistakes, and also other people may have had difference experiences and can give a different perspective, so please read the other messages in the thread where people (inshaAllah) have corrected me, or put forward their own thoughts, opinions, experience etc on the same subject.

    Also, if you are really struggling to cope with any kind of lifestyle changes, if you are only going to change one thing, the most important thing is to begin to establish salat. This one thing is no mean feat either. InshaAllah I will be posting a thread about how to go about establishing Salat.

    Edit: here are links to the different info threads, and I will keep these updated inshaAllah and have added other info threads posted by other people too, because info threads tend to get lost among conversation threads because they don't tend to attract many replies. With these links the threads can be found quickly and easily no matter how buried they are under other threads inshaAllah :)

    read this first, avoid confusion later: the importance of basing your Islam on Qur'an and sunnah and how to tell what is authentic Islam and what is corruption:

    General overview of Islamic beliefs, practices and resources: (Jazak Allah Khayran SisterKhadijah for posting these mashaAllah)

    Establishing Salat(5 daily prayers):

    Explanation/translation of Islamic terms and jargon: (jazak Allah khayran sis Noor Usman - second link - includes a list of Proophets (as) too mashaAllah)

    Wudu/cleanliness/purifying yourself for Salat:

    Eating Halal(lawful) foods:

    Islamic names:

    The importance of implimenting Islam as your way of life and basic information you need to know: (jazak Allah khayran Tahiya for posting this):

    Telling your family/talking to your family about Islam: (Jazak Allah Khayran sister Khadijah)

    General advice: (Jazak Allah khayran to Sister Khadijah for posting these, and bro abdalmajid for #3)


    More to follow inshaAllah.
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    Re: Info threads - FAQ - essential info for new Muslims - esp if you're really really

    I have updated this first post mashaAllah.

    If there are any links to threads in here - or links to other resources that you feel should be included in this sticky inshaAllah, please reply on this thread with details inshaAllah.

    We have this thread here for stuff that would be good sticky threads basically - otherwise we'd have too many sticky threads to fit on the page lol