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Islamic web sites to visit

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    Islamic web sites to visit

    With The Name of ALLAH, The Infinitely Merciful, The Ever Merciful

    This web site has a lot of freely downloadable lectures, videos, documentaries, Qur'an recitation, Qur'an translation, lectures of almost all the popular Muslims of the world . Each and every lecture, video ,audio, documentary is freely downloadable and easily runnable, Masha'ALLAH too much lectures !
    This web site has many lectures of Dr. Zakir naik, Sheikh Ahmed deedat, Dr Israr Ahmad and many more scholars....all easily and freely downloadable and easily runnable.
    Insha'ALLAH soon more lectures (audio and video) will be uploaded

    Here are the stats of Stats
    Audio Files On Site: 25962 Video Files On Site: 2071
    Daily Downloads from site: approx 450 GB (0.45TB)
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    for the german speakers

    and for the arabic speakers
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      Contains many resources for understanding Islam.
      Detailed material about Qur'anic studies, Hadith studies and refutation of Christian missionaries' claims.
      Masha'ALLAH ! very good for students and researchers.


      The Qur'anic studies



      In short the web site contains unique, rare and detailed material about crucial and important issues.
      Also you can find some historical pictures and pictures of old manuscripts.
      The web site can also help you in refuting the claims of Christian missionaries and Orientalists.
      Another unique feature of the web site is free availability of otherwise difficult to find material e.g. detailed analysis of 1st, 2nd, 3rd person shifts in The Qur'an and much more .
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        is a good site.

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          Tafsir Ibn Kathir (English, freely available)

          Tafsir Ibn Kathir is available on this web site for free access. This is the English translation of this tafsir. Masha'ALLAH this is one of the most popular tafsirs today.
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            One of my favorite is

            the number one website that got shut down was
            "The one who loves for the sake of Allah and hates for the sake of Allah, he will taste the sweetness of Eemaan (faith)".~prophet(pbuh) Thus it is a part of Faith, that we evaluate the evidences of those who preach Islam, and thus correct our Islam so that we may be guided.


              Don't forget:

              For french speakers:
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       for live video streaming from london.

       for truth seekers.
                God will not forsake those upholding his religion.




                  every pdf book,text book, video, audio, presentation, article ever written by this organization is free for download. Harun Yahya has written more than 200 books on various issues . Many of these books are also available in audio book format and many documentary movies and presentations inspired by these books are also freely available on the web site.
         has numerous sister web sites. To visit these web sites on the home page of there is a drop down menu "Other sites to explore" .Using this menu you can access and find the other sistrer web sites. The number of visitors to this web site per month sometimes reaches as high as 200000.
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                    Dr. Zakir Naik web sites.

                    For free video and audio lectures of Dr Zakir Naik and Sheikh Ahmed Deedat etc... use .

           is the official web site of Dr. Zakir Naik.
                    Has free Dawah training programme. Utilizing this free programme you can learn dawah techniques of Dr. Zakir Naik. This training program is quite comprehensive Masha'ALLAH !
                    Other free resources and information can be found on . replies to common questions, books, IRF contact information, support information etc...
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                      Salaams all




                      وَأَن لَّيْسَ لِلإِنسَـنِ إِلاَّ مَا سَعَى


                        Learn Arabic


                        Learn Arabic

                        New forum for those interested in Learning Arabic. This is a new forum that has been started on this web site for those students who want to learn Arabic. A welcome addition on the internet and I hope in the future this forum will become more and more comprehensive and detailed , becoming a self-sufficient source for learning Classical Arabic. So that Muslims can learn the language of the Qur'an and The Sunnah and The Hadith.

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                          Free Islamic softwares

                          Qur'an software (with English translation)

                          Hadith software with:
                          Sahih Bukhari
                          Sahih Muslim
                          Malik's Muwatta
                          Shamaa-il Tirmidhi
                          Abu Dawud
                          Extras (AlNawawi's 40 Hadith, 40 hadith-e-Qudsi, Authentic Supplications)

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                            Contains free online translations and commentary in English, Urdu, Indonesian, Hausa, French(Francais), Spanish (Espanol)
                            English translation and commentary direct link below:


                            Contains useful information about the Qur'an, Faq's, and more... and information about current projects and future plans. Check out the details available on the web site. Translations centre is a separate section of the complex which deals with translations.

                            Also contains the original Arabic texts.
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                              Contains free books and Masha'ALLAH a good selection of books.
                              Check them out or start reading your favourite book online freely.
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