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Ummah forum ramadhan water well project

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  • Ummah forum ramadhan water well project

    Assalamu alaykum

    What do you guys think about setting up a go fund me page during the last 10 days of ramadhan for a water well? It will be via ummah welfare trust and its either £450 or £650 and I think it's in Pakistan. we can look at other charities who offer this service too.

    We all know about the huge huge ajr we get from Sadaqah and building a water well is a form of Sadaqah jariyah. If we aim to complete the project before yawmul Eid then we only need to raise around £45 - £65 per day. We can get our friends and family to donate as well.

    So who would be interested?

    We spend a lot of time of ummah forum and dare I say it, a lot of time is wasted on here either by bickering or by entertaining controversial topics. In the holy month we can at least use this forum as a means of bettering ourselves and helping the wider community whilst reaping the huge rewards Insha Allah.

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    Re: Ummah forum ramadhan water well project

    Thanks for the overwhelming support guys. Lol