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Fact (42)

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    Fact (42)

    Fact (42):
    What do you think about a man that stones a target in the dark. He has no knowledge of its location, just that there is a huge prize awaiting for him if he hits it. And lets say he eventually does. It would be more like guesswork, he had nothing to do with the successful throw. He had no guide, no light...etc
    That is the likeness of a man who does not have these two:
    1. Sincere intention: The prophet told us about a man who was performing one of the best act of worship - prayer. But he beautifies it solely for people to see, and to praise him. The prophet s.a.w considered it as "one of the thing he feared most for us; minor Shirk" [Ahmad and rated as Sahih by Shaykhul Albani]
    And a man who "gets married and has no intention of paying the dowry is a fornicator..." [Ahmad and Ibn Maja].
    Apparently these two are engage in good act of worship but they lack sincere intention. This also elevate one's faith:
    A salaf said, "If one of you were to work for 50 days, it will not equal to their (sahaba) stand for a minute" or something similar to this.

    2. Doing an act of worship without the guidance of the prophet s.a.w; as stated by the prophet, "His deeds will be rejected ".
    Allah swt said, "We have revealed to you the Reminder that you (Messenger of Allah) make clear to men what has been revealed to them" Ch 16 V 44
    May Allah grant us success