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    Fact [48]:
    Science: Is an attempt to know the truth. Sometimes they get it right and other times they don't.
    Constitution: Are written laws made by men with flaws (human nature) .With their minds, ideology and principles nutured, shaped, restricted and influence by their environment and little knowledge with the intention of governing other human beings.
    Bible: Torah and Injil are divine books sent down by The Most Merciful... But the Old and New Testament are but human writings. Considering the Nicaea Conference incorporating what is not from it many years after the death of Isa (AS), Old testament achieved to old greek which Musa never spoke, Alexandra invading Palestine..., Unknown persons adding Books which are not from it e.t.c I don't Know how they overlook all this.
    Atheism: Things don't work out the way they want it to, so they denounce the favours of the Best Planner,All Wise, All knowing and started the Monkey Business.
    Quran: It miracles never end nor does it main become dry... To say the least.