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Help adjusting my limitations for next Ramadan

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  • Help adjusting my limitations for next Ramadan

    Hi. During the last Ramadan, I was successfully able to fast correctly each day for the entire duration. I was not perfect on my prayers, which I wish to perfect as soon as my next chance arrives. Anyhow, I have recently ran into troubles with my blood sugar levels. They're not always low, but I have something (currently we don't know what the cause is, yet, but I am seeking treatment) that causes it to spike down. When this spike happens, it does not depend on recently eating, nor anything I can prevent. Sometimes the spike goes from a good or high level down to a less than great but not dangerous level. The spike down still causes very intense symptoms which can lead to passing out at work. Sometimes the spike sends me to dangerously low blood sugar levels. Anyhow, what I'm wondering is if these continue to persist by the time I am next due to fast, what can I do? Would it be okay to break the fast with Orange Juice, or glucose tablets, or another source of energy/sugar ONLY when I experience symptoms from a confirmed blood sugar drop? I've gotten to the point where I can prevent this drop by eating something small every couple of hours. As soon as I start to feel the shakiness then I know it is time to grab something small to ingest. If I don't take heed on time and experience the drop, I eat glucose tablets which returns me to being able to work and operate in what seems like 5-15 minutes. I just am not sure what to do because I want to fast when the next Ramadan comes. I don't think hypoglycemia is enough of a diagnosis to skip fasting. What would any of you do? Would you eat as little as possible as to prevent the issues from arising? Or would you fast until you get intensely sick, consume just enough to get back on your feet, and then go back to fasting? Do I increase my Zakat? Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for reading!

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    Re: Help adjusting my limitations for next Ramadan

    I know a lot of Muslims who have diabetes which may not be the same thing as what you have, but they also have to contend with difficulties in balancing blood sugar levels. The bottom line is, it depends on how your condition affects you. There are some diabetic people who manage to maintain a routine in which if they stick to an appropriate diet and eat the right things during suhr and iftar, then their blood sugars remain stable enough for them to be able to fast. If that is the case for you, then you can fast. Even in that case though, people should be sensible enough to understand their limits and realise that some days they might feel well enough to fast but there may also be some other days in ramadan when they become ill during the day and must eat and/or take some medication with water.

    Having said that, many diabetics find that they are unable to fast because they suffer from a blood sugar drop during the time of fasting in which case they have to break the fast. If that is the case for you then you should not fast, in fact it is haram to fast if fasting will make you sicker or will put you in danger (ie from blackouts etc). If you know you are at risk of blackouts, then you should also avoid driving or other things that could put you at greater risk.

    I also do not fast due to a long term illness and the Islamic rules on this are that for those who cannot fast due to illness, you pay for the meals of fasting people.
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