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The Blessed money Bag that would make everyone Rich in the month of Ramadan

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  • The Blessed money Bag that would make everyone Rich in the month of Ramadan


    By Hazrat Hakeem Mohammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai
    Courtesy of Ubqari Monthly Magazine, July-2011
    Printed in Lahore, Pakistan (contact or [email protected])

    Dear Readers! I Bring to you precious pearls and do not hide anything, you should also be generous and must write.

    Dear Readers! A few days ago, the idea suddenly came to me that Ramadan ul Mubarak is near and why shouldnít I give my readers an Amal of My Sheikh (Rahmit Ullah Alih) that I have been giving people individually for many years now. And my Sheikh (Rahmit Ullah Alihe) has proven this Amal to be beneficial with the seventy years of his own and his Elders experiences as well. Readers Amal is just a unique secret to be rich that every person can do. This is the era of poverty and inflation. And poverty is increasing day by day and it is getting harder to make ends meet. Every person is tangled in inflation, hunger, disasters and super natural problems. There are numerous issues of this era and people really need an Amal that is precisely accurate and effective as well.

    Dear Readers! Today I am giving you that Amaal that will prove for you and your generations to be precise and effective as well. The story of this Amal is that it was the beautiful morning of 1984 A.D. the day I got the fellowship of my Sheikh Hazrat Khawaja Syed Mohammad Abdullah Hajveri (RahmitUllah Tallah Alih). After some time the month of Ramadan ul Mubarak came and I saw many people to learn the Amaal of Blessed Money Bag (Barkat Wali Theeli) from Sheikh (Hazrat). As it was the beginning of my fellowship and I didnít knew about it so I was amazed and questioned within myself As Ya Allah what is this Amal?

    I got to know that every Ramadan ul Mubarak Sheikh (Hazrat) give this Amal to people who are poor, destitute and under debt or people with big families, finding it hard to meet ends, less income and tangled in problems and issues. Hazrat used to say that even his Sheikh used to tell people of this Blessed Bag Amal in Ramadan and people used to come to him before Ramadan to listen, learn and understand this Amal and later practiced it as well. It was famous that every Ramadan we must go to our Sheikh and learn of this Amal from him.

    Dear Readers, I have even heard many people say that this Money Bag Amal is not just any ordinary money bag, itís indeed a treasure. And another individual told me that it is a never ending treasure. And we do this Amal on our money bags throughout the month of Ramadan and then continue it through the year. And rejuvenate (Tajdeed) it in next Ramadan as well.
    It once happened in the presence of my Sheikh that a person visited him and he was surrounded by poverty and hunger. He used to be rich and owned several shops however when poverty hit him he was made to sell water melons on a push cart. Sheikh (My Hazrat) told him that Ramadan is near, have a money bag stitched and bring it to him. I would do an Amal on it and will tell you of a blessed Amal too. You and your whole family shall do that Amal. If you like to every person in the house can make his own money bag or the whole family just do the Amal on a single money bag. He had the money bag made by the next day and brought it to Sheikh; Sheikh told him the procedure of the Amal. He was happy and amazed as well, that it was an easy Amal and thus he left. More or less after seven or eight months he returned. As Sheikh (Hazrat) has gone somewhere and I was sitting there. He asked of Sheikh and I told him that Sheikh would return after some time. During our conversation he said that I came to thank him. And to tell him that he pulled me out of poverty and hunger otherwise the only end to the kind of poverty and destitution I had fallen was either suicide or Kufir (transgressing from Islam). I asked him what the Amal was. He told me of the whole Amal and showed me his money bag too. This was the first instance that I got truly introduced to the Blessed Money bag. After this thousands instances came in to my observation and the benefit continued to be passed onto the Creatures of Allah Subhan Wo Tallah.

    Another incidence happened in the presence of Sheikh, a woman with her husband and five young kids visited. She said that these kids donít have the uniform for school nor books, sometimes these kids get one piece of bread (Roti / Chapati) at a meal and sometimes half. Poverty, hunger and miserliness are at their peak. And due to this poverty and hunger there is always fighting and verbal and physical abuse in the house. I am tired and have given up. I came so that you will pray for me and give me some Amal as well.

    Sheikh prayed and was kind to them. And told them to continue this blessed money bag Amal. And near Ramadan bring me a money bag and I will tell of an Amal for it and the whole the family shall do that Amal on the money bag. If not everyone can do it, most of them shall try. InshAlIah your life will change. And then I saw myself that Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah changed their days with the blessing of this Amal. There days and nights were enlightened, issues resolved, problems vanished. And the same people I saw them coming on a car. There used to be times when these people didnít even have the money for a horse coach.

    Another incidence that I would like to narrate is once I was on a journey with my Sheikh, and we had to go to Lahore Railway Station, we took a horse coach, Sheikh sat in front with the coachman and I sat on the rear. The horse was slow and we were getting late from our Train. I asked him to make the horse go faster and he replied that it can only do this much. I asked him, is he ill, he said no, shall I provide for him or for my kids. When I and my children donít have food neither will he have it. I felt his answer unique and I just spoke instantaneously to him that why donít you take the Blessed Money Bag? And why donít you do that Amal? He replied that I am an illiterate person. I asked him about his wife and kids, he said that they are literate. I was talking to him that Sheikh added that it is good, do tell him of the Blessed money bag. And ask him to bring the bag before Ramadan to us; we will do an Amal for him on it. And will tell him of an Amal too. If he will do it Allah Subhan Wo Tallah will bless him with Barkat. I made him understand the Amal, asked him to have the money bag prepared and start the Amal, and told him of the address of Sheikh. After a few days he came to Sheikh with his wife and a child. They told their story that many times we donít even have a handful of Flour for bread (Roti / Chapati) in house, electricity has been disconnected, (in those days Natural Gas was not available in every house as the it was being newly installed in Lahore, Pakistan for domestic use at that time, so they didnít had firewood or electricity in house.). Poverty is at its peak, someone tells of black magic, someone of Ghosts, someone of black spirits. I am too tired now, and have given up, what shall I do? Twice or thrice I actually willfully hit my horse coach with a truck to commit suicide. Itís better that me and my horse both shall die as both of us have nothing to eat. The horse also stays hungry as I donít have money to buy his fodder. However Allah Suhan Wo Tallah has saved me now, you are here and you have shown me a light of hope. Relatives have left us, even my wife sometimes says that either bring me food or take me to my parents. Where shall I go? Sheikh consoled him, and provided him with some money maybe it was Three Rupees and told him to be calm and take your blessing from this money bag and guided him with Blessed Money Bag Amal and thus he left.

    Dear Readers, itís a matter of trust and faith, that man actually learnt Surah Kausar (Surah 108, Al Quran) and after a while he even started the Amal. However his family started the Amal right from the very first day. It wasnít long enough, maybe like seven or eight months that man came with prosperity evident from his face. He said that I have bought two more coaches and have given them on rent. I have made a wooden door to my house entrance as we didnít used to have one. We have made the bathroom wall (with bricks and mortar) and added a door to it previously there just used to be a cloth hanging. And he told of few more such things. He said that now I get more passengers, and amazing thing is that the money has more Barkat in it. Even if we have little money leftover it fulfills the need. And Allah Subhan Wo Tallah is giving me peace and Barkat from Divine.

    Dear Readers, these three incidences were of my Sheikh; but there are numerous stories of this Amal however I am narrating a few. Another instance that I would like to narrate is in the year 1991; I remember the year because this incidence was very tragic. A person came to Sheikh, and said that I used to be an owner of a Cotton Ginning Factory, I owned one of them and took two more on lease. I Was surrounded with riches, servants, employees, had one house in Lahore (One of Pakistanís richest metropolitan cities) and another one in Islamabad (Pakistanís Capital City), an apartment in Murree (A hilly summer retreat spot in Pakistan). And I myself belonged to Vehari. The whole system was being financed through banks. People used to say to me that donít run your business on bank financing and I myself once read the quote of Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood Razi Allah Tallah Unho that the end of Interest financing is poverty and destitution. And my end was similar too. Peopleís attitude towards me changed, my days and nights toppled, things vanished, everything was lost, and I left my home city Vehari as well. Lenders disturb me and now I have taken a very small house in Lahore and working on daily wages in a restaurant, in the morning I go to restaurant and boil his milk, wash his utensils, and work for him. Clean his floors, tables and everything. Then in afternoon return with whatever wage I get from him and provide for my familyís lunch. Then after Asar prayer (in afternoon) I work at another house, I clean their house and bathrooms, wash their clothes and do all other households works. Someone told me of you that you are an Allahís Pious and noble person, and pray for people and give some Amaal too. I am too tired of this poverty and hunger, what shall I do?

    Before this I have seldom seen Sheikh crying in presence of others; however his story was so tragic that even sheikh cried and tears fell from his eyes. Hazrat put both of his hands on his head to console him and said that do not worry, do not lose hope InshAllah your life will change. Your problems will vanish; your issue will resolve and told him of the Blessed Money Bag Amal. And asked him to have money bag stitched and bring it to him and he will do an Amal on it and told him of the Surah Kausar Amal to read it on the money bag. You and your whole family shall read it and then before Ramadan come to me I will tell you of an Amal, do that as well and thus he left.

    He came before Ramadan and had his Blessed Money bag read by Sheikh on it. And asked for the special Ramadan Amal for the Blessed Money Bag. Trust me readers, he did the Amal whole heartedly, and with full effort and only one and a half year went that my eyes saw him getting so rich and prosperous that I have seldom seen anyone getting such kind of blessings.
    Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah blessed him with so Riches, honor and Barkat that even I was amazed. He used to say himself that I couldnít have imagined that even my life can change. And I can come out of poverty and hunger as well. And I can gain something in life, I had lost all hope but now I have a new hope and there are blessings in Allah Subhan o Wa Tallahís treasures that one who seeks them can attain them. It is just our fault that we donít try.
    Readers I have thousands of incidences of this Amal and I canít narrate all of them to you but if the Blessed Money Bag will stay with you always, you will always have Barkat. Just recite Surah Kausar on it 129 times. Either once or twice a day. The more you recite on it the more Barkat you will attain. However when you recite Surah Kausar on it in Ramadan it is source of unique blessings (Taseer) and Barkat. A few years back I told this Amal to a person and when he met me again he told me that Ramadan is near and I have prepared numerous money bags so tell me of the special Ramadan Amal for the Money Bag.

    He said that a strange incident happened to me, I have a young daughter and I had to afford her marriage expenses I had three money bags prepared one each for my wife, daughter and me. I told my daughter that I would keep on giving you money frequently and you keep it in your money bag. And keep on reciting Surah Kausar on it 129 times on it twice a day. All of us continued this Amal on our money bags. After exact seventeen months we opened her money bag and started counting the money in it. I knew I used to give her small notes as I didnít had any larger denominations and sometimes I didnít even had anything to put in. but I always did the Amal. When I counted the money I was amazed, that in seventeen months two hundred eighty five thousand six hundred and thirty four rupees were present in it. I was surprised as where did such an amount came from, my salary is not so much and we have huge household expenses and never contributed larger notes even but it just struck to my mind that you are missing Allah Subhan O Wa Tallahís Blessing. You are looking at your ability then where would Allah Subhan O Wa Tallahís blessing go. While saying this tears came to his eyes and he cried.
    Another man told me that I did this special Ramadanís Amal on the money bag and my life changed. I used to contribute to Committee (Similar to credit union savings) and I never got funds from it but now I get them, previously I didnít have Barkat in home. I had two shops, one was closed the other had very little inventory left and it was on the way to closure as well, those shops are now running well. Home needed maintenance that I have now got done too and spent major money on it. My motorcycle was not running and required major expense, I had it fixed as well. He had a list of such things that he kept on telling me that he had so and so things done and his life has changed.

    Another person from USA said that people consider me as a king of a Dollar minting country (USA) instead that countries money lacked Barkat and it has ruined me. I settled in USA after selling everything from Pakistan and today itís been twenty two years that I am still under debt and have many outstanding installments due on me. I owe many people in Pakistan and I am unable to provide for my family. I do three jobs, wife and children also have jobs and only then we are able to make our ends meet. But the situation stays the same and the last few days of the month are miserable. Our situation is desperate. I have returned to Pakistan after eleven years, didnít had money to pay for the ticket. Day & night, we are entangled in issues and problems, mental unrest, bad dreams at times make me scream. I have lost hope with these times in life. Please pray for me. I told him of the Blessed money bag Amal (one that is for throughout the year) and also made him understand the special Ramadan Amal as well.
    The person left, the news that we got of him through his paternal relative as he never returned. And his relative came to give the news for him. And he told that Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah has given him so much that he has bought a nice new house, and sold out the old one, bought a new car, all of his debts have been paid off and is at peace now. All problems have been resolved and worries vanished. And his relative brought his Salam (Muslim greetings) to me and that I couldnít meet you it is my mistake and pressing situation as well. But I have given this Amal to thirty six people and not even a single person was who didnít got benefit through this Amal. One of the persons was a cab driver and he had this motivation to spread this Amal. He bought the cloth and had the money bags stitched on his own and then and after getting them prepared he used to distribute it to his passengers and friends and family as well. And used to tell them the Amal for everyday and the special Ramadanís Amal as well. The cab driver was Abdul Khaliq from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan and he said that he has given it to hundreds of people. And I have got successful news of numerous people among them. And many successful people then later spread this Amal as well.

    Dear Readers, in the month of Ramadan the Barkat of Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah are pouring, blessings are spread, where we get Jannah, we also get Rizk (Money) and prosperity. Letís take the most benefit from this Ramadan. I shall tell you one thing that you will definitely get the benefit. I donít say that if you will do it then you will get the benefit. I say you will definitely get the benefit. And the benefit that you get, do write it to us, and you must write it to us, writes it in slang but do write your benefits. I give you heartily secrets and often insist that you shall also send your experiences to Ubqari Office as well. You shall write it so that millions would benefit from it.

    Dear readers, before giving you this Amal, I will say this much if you do this Amal keeping in view Allahís Happiness (RAZA) and from the core of your heart the more benefit you will get. And more profitable it will be. I had so many stories and stories of people that were about to commit suicides, had left homes and families, poverty, hunger and debts compelled them to transgress from Islam. Even in my life I know of a person who left his religion just because of poverty. I requested him and spent time with him convincing him to return to religion and told him of the blessed money bag Amal and also gave him the special Amal of Ramadan. And asked him to do it. With the blessing of Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah he said that I didnít prayed three prayers of Eid but this Ramadanís Eid prayer, I prayed. And he renewed his Iman (Faith, i.e. TAJDEED e IMAN), and renewed his marriage vows (i.e. TAJDEED of his Nikah) and became Muslim once again and Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah once again made him rich and generous.
    I would add another thing, that if Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah will make you rich and generous donít forget the poor and remember them in your charity and give them good. The Kareem Allah that has blessed you with these blessings after poverty and miserliness donít forget his creatures. Do have a part of your blessed money bag for them. And another thing that you can spread this Amal you have permission to do that. We have arranged for this money bag, people used to visit tailors and some used to ask for forty, fifty or sixty rupees for it. We had this money bag stitched in large numbers from pious individuals, and keeping the stitching and other expenses that were incurred on it we have announced to give it for twenty rupees. So that it shall reach the creation of Allah Subhan O Wo Tallah at the minimum expense possible. And I have prayed on it myself. And you can have this blessed money bag mailed (DUM SHUDA) or purchased yourself from Ubqari office.

    This blessed money bag is neither our source of income or trading item. We have provided, as it is difficult for people to have it made and those that have it made donít have it done that as it is supposed to be. We want the people to get the benefit and the bag should reach them at the minimum possible cost.

    Another incidence came to my mind towards the end, which I will narrate in short there used to be a family who was known for its generosity and was famous that no one in need ever left their door empty.

    My respected mother gave me a few things to take it to their house, when I went in their house I saw poverty and paucity in everything. The condition of the house was telling that their situation is not like before. I told of this to my respected mother and she was surprised that they didnít even tell anyone. However after some inquiry we got to know that their situation has worsened. And mother helped them in a noble manner but they refused to take it. I had the Blessed money bag Amal of my Sheikh and I took a money bag and taught them the Blessed Money Bag Amal and insisted on the Special Ramadanís Amal as well. And then ten days before Ramadan went to them and again insisted that Ramadan is near and you must carry out this Special Ramadanís Amal. While I was insisting on the Ramadanís Amal the old lady of the house, wiping tears from her eyes said that you have saved our honor and respect. Since the day you gave us the money bag and every person of our house has been reciting 129 times Surah Kausar on it twice a day. With seven times Durood Sharif in beginning and end of the Amal our life has changed. Blessings have poured; kindness and bounties have been directed towards us. Our situation has changed and we have become prosperous. And inshAllah we will definitely carry out this Ramadanís Amal as well. I told them that I will visit them again after Ramadan too.

    As they were my relatives so I visited them again after a few days of Ramadan, and asked them and every person of their house said that we have found a blessings treasure, someone said that we have found a blessed money bag, someone said that Allah Subhan O Wa Tallahís special mercy has been bestowed upon us. Our prayers have been answered that Allah Subhan O Wa Talah sent you as a guide towards us. Otherwise our condition was not like that we could face the society. Our whole household has been sold but we didnít told about it to our relatives, neither had we returned any beggar from our door. Even if we didnít have anything we would still give him something but this blessed money bag has been outstanding.
    Dear readers, spread this article I intentionally sent this article a month ahead of Ramadan to be printed in Ubqari. So that you can prepare for the blessed money bag ahead of Ramadan. And start the daily Amal right ahead and the special Ramadan Amal shall only be done in Ramadan.

    Dear readers now understand this Amal, There are two Amaal, one is for reading on your money bag throughout the year i.e.
    1. Read Surah Kausar with Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim 129 times with 7 times Durood Sharif in the beginning and end of it on your money bag.
    2. Repeat it twice a day, once in morning and once in eve.

    Then there is the Special Ramadan Amal
    1. On the First Ramadanís night
    (I.e. When the Ramadan moon is sighted and tomorrow is the first of Ramadan)
    Read Surah Kausar with Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim 313 times with 3 times Durood Sharif in the beginning and end of it on your money bag.
    This Amal can be done at any time in that night, however if you canít do it at night then you can do it on the day of First Ramadan. Every person of the house shall do it, and every person can also keep his own money bag. And read the Amal on it. This is the Amal for the First of Ramadan.

    2. Then on the night of start of second Ashra i.e. on the night of Eleventh of Ramadan
    Read Surah Kausar with Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim 313 times with 3 times Durood Sharif in the beginning and end of it on your money bag.
    This Amal can be done in any part of night and the day of Eleventh Ramadan, but its better if you do it after the Eleventh Tarawih Prayer.

    3. Then on the night of start of third Ashra i.e. on the night of Twenty First of Ramadan
    Read Surah Kausar with Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim 313 times with 3 times Durood Sharif in the beginning and end of it on your money bag.
    This Amal can be done in any part of that night and the day of Twenty First Ramadan, but itís better if you do it after the twenty first Tarawih Prayer maybe it is Shab e Qadir that night too.

    4. Then on the day of Eid after the Eid ul Fitr Prayer
    Read Surah Kausar with Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim 313 times with 3 times Durood Sharif in the beginning and end of it on your money bag.

    5. Then there is just one Amal left i.e. on the night of Twenty Seventh of Ramadan
    Read Surah Kausar with Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim 1100 times with 11 times Durood Sharif in the beginning and end of it on your money bag.
    This Amal can only be done in the night of the Twenty Seventh Ramadan. This Amal canít be done on the following day of the Twenty Seven Ramadan.

    Dear readers, you can do all Amaal all year but the blessings and benefit of the prayers of Ramadan can never be achieved. The whole family can read 1100 times Surah Kausar or they can even do it individually 1100 times on the money bag (s) as well, then make Dua from Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah and sleep. This Amal has to be done only on the night of twenty seven Ramadan and is full of blessings. The more this Amal is done with purest effort and whole heartedly, rumbling in front of Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah; the greater the benefit. Every reader has permission from me. The money bag can be taken from Ubqari office or you can have your own made. The money bag at our office has already been done an Amal (DUM SHUDA) on it by me. And once again I want to say that by selling these money bags for twenty rupees we are not doing any business. Look at its make and cloth; our intention is for people to benefit from it. And may Allah Subhan O Wa Tallah make us the ones who are good for his people and save us from whims and distrust. Ameen

    (The money bag is similar to a cloth pouch with a string stitched on top and the size that would hold notes without folding in length and little wider in width).

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    Re: The Blessed money Bag that would make everyone Rich in the month of Ramadan

    I have a similar issue.


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      Re: The Blessed money Bag that would make everyone Rich in the month of Ramadan

      What nonsense
      Imagine sleeping without praying isha and then waking up in your grave- bilal Phillips