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Will Allah still listen duas...??

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  • Will Allah still listen duas...??

    Salm ...i hv brokn someone heart and now that person is saying that I will not forgive u ?? Even I do realize my mistake and asked frgivnss from persn and. Allah too..I daily asked frgivnss from Allah Allah SWT still listens to my frgivnss and will e answered my prayrs which I asking him ..I really repented what I did ...

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    Make duaa to Allah to soften that person's heart. Try to do things that will change their heart- like doing certain favours on them or giving gifts.

    Inshaa Allah, if you are sincere in your tawbah then hopefully, Inshaa Allah, Allah will forgive. However, you have to keep trying to make amends.

    Vow not to hurt someone like that again and turn fully to Allah during this temporary life of dunya.

    Allah bless you. Ameen.


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      Wa Alaykumussalaam
      Sis it depends.. when you say broken heart, if you mean given up haram relationship then Alhamdulillah. Ignore the whisperings of that individual.. seeking to bring you back to haram. And do not worry about what they say. If you mean family/friends, because you did something wrong etc..make du'aa and also keep trying to make amends.