We are so blessed to have made it to the best nights of the year in which there is a night so powerful that it is: "better than a 1000 months” [Qur'an; 97:3]

Which is equivalent to 30,000 nights - Over 83 YEARS OF WORSHIP!

To gain these huge rewards we only need to worship on all 10 nights to be sure to catch this special night, if not thenÂ* at least on the last 5 odd numbered nights:

21st Night - Saturday 25th May *(tomorrow night)* - From Maghrib to Fajr

23rd Night - Monday 27th May - From Maghrib to Fajr

25th Night - Wednesday 29th May - From Maghrib to Fajr

*27th Night* - Friday 31st May - From Maghrib to Fajr

29th Night - Sunday 2nd June - From Maghrib to Fajr

*Laylatul Qadr Worship Plan* - Maximise these blessed nights with this productive Worship Plan: