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This is the End! Skype "ate my credit"

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    This is the End! Skype "ate my credit"

    Skype "ate my credit"

    There's no nice way to say it

    By Tony Dennis: Mittwoch 31 Mai 2006

    AN IRATE INQUIRER reader has lost ten Euros from her Skype out account after failing to read the T&Cs carefully.

    The first she says she she knew about Skype's 180-day expiry clause was after her Euros had been snaffled.

    This is the message she received from Skype:

    "We hate to bring bad news but there's no nice way to say it - your Skype Credit has expired. This means that all your credit you had at your account is now gone."

    It continued: "During the past month we sent you two reminder emails about our credit expiration policy with directions how to make sure that you'd successfully keep your Skype Credit. Unfortunately we didn't hear back from you."

    "They so did not send me any warning emails," our miffed miss protested. "They must have known my email address all the time because I've just received the one about cancellation."

    Skype warns here that: "Skype Credit balances on accounts with no activity during a 180 day period will be lost."

    A Skype spokesperson confirmed that the credits really had been disappeared. "It's to do with financial regulation," she said. "Skype does highlight it on their site and sends regular reminder emails to make all customers aware of it. All you need to do is make one call every six months to keep it active."

    We were unable to verify whether our reader received her reminders, but our spokeSkype assures that they would have been sent.

    does this apply because ebay has taken over skype?

    further info in the skype forum:
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