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How did my phone get rooted?

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  • Mintchocchip
    started a topic How did my phone get rooted?

    How did my phone get rooted?

    Asalaam alaikum

    I have had my phone for a few years bought from carphone warehouse. It was for an EE sim but the phone is unlocked so takes any sim.

    It was a brand new phone when I bought it. I have Lookout security on the phone. Today a message came up from saying root access detected. When I pressed more info at the bottom it says something about my device being rooted and if I was unaware to contact the device manufacturer or carrier immediately for help.

    Please can someone tell me is this something serious and what should I do?

  • dan40123
    Re: How did my phone get rooted?

    i am no expert at phones, but i think rooted means someone or something has access to your phone, my opinion is turn it off, take out the sim, and contact your service provider for more information about the situation

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