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Free Orange San Francisco Unlock Codes

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    Free Orange San Francisco Unlock Codes

    Want the phone, but have a different sim? Here's a free solution.

    To get the phones IMEI, you need to press *#06# on the phone.

    To unlock the phone follow these instructions:

    1. Visit here (
    2. On the above site put your IMEI (will be on the phones box), and click “Submit” your unlock code will then be shown.
    3. Turn off your phone.
    4. Open the back.
    5. Remove the battery.
    6. Remove the (Orange) SIM card.
    7. Insert a SIM card from a different operator.
    8. Replace battery.
    9. Replace back.
    10. Turn on phone (If prompted, enter any PIN number that you may have set on the new SIM).
    11. Now you should be prompted to enter the unlock code. Do it carefully!
    12. You should now get some sort of message saying your phone is unlocked.

    Guide is also available here,

    Re: Free Orange San Francisco Unlock Codes

    Thanks for sharing. Similarly, You can try with this site provides free unlocking instructions for most of the international brand mobile phones. You can also get unlock codes from at low cost.
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