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quran download not in order

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  • quran download not in order

    salaam - brothers and sister - I know you can download the complete quran from various sites but the problem is when i download the complet quran and copy it onto my microsd card to play in the car whilst driving its never in order, all the surahs are all over the place. Is there anywhere where i can download it complete, preferably with reciter mishary al afasy and simply copy it to my sdcard and play it in order in my car? thanks

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    It might be worth consulting the audio section of the manual that comes with the car as it should tell you in what order mp3/audio files are played. Mines in is folder then filename order in my car (Mazda). If possible, rename your files with a prefix starting with 01 if you have more than 10 and less than 100 files in the folder as its likely to be in filename order providing all files are in the same folder.

    As for Quran audio downloads with different reciters, try this site:
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      For all religious books visit :