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How do I record my voice for a podcast?

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  • How do I record my voice for a podcast?


    I've been asked to do a podcast but I'm absolutely terrible with technology so don't know what to do. The friend who asked me said I could just record my voice on my phone but it's an old phone and might not have enough capacity/memory to do that. Yesterday I went on my PC and looked up the voice recorder on there, clicked it and it said "plug in your mic"... my mic (that we use for skype etc) is already plugged in but it doesn't seem to be acknowledged on voice recorder so I don't know what to do.

    If there's an easy fix, please let me know and give me easy instructions that a 7 year old would understand- thanks
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    You need a voice recoder with a mic.
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      Don't people use OBS?


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        OBS Studio is awsome, Open Source and Free,
        Actually i'm recording my sound with my Smartphone (Choose Best Audio Quality), then i process it on my laptop with Audacity (Free & Open Source Software). Then I do Video Editing with Blender VSE 2.80, which is also Free and Open Source Software.
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        made with: Smartphone MIC + Audacity for the Echo Effect and Sound Amplification + Blender VSE 2.80 for Video Editing Capabilities.


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          I really hope that my answer will help you and all the people that need this feature with low cost of ownership. You only need to pay for a smartphone with good mic recordings.
          Here is what i've made with my Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Infinix Zero4 +

          You only need a good smartphone.
          The other Free & Open Source Software, i've told you about are here:I wish you all the best
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            Originally posted by Arsalan View Post
            You need a voice recoder with a mic. google street view
            What mic would you recommend for a $50 equipment budget? I’ve been researching for hours and everyone seems to suggest the ATR2100 or Samson Q2U, but both have seemingly been discontinued in the U.K.