Salaam brothers,

I was with a woman I love albeit a haram relationship for over a year when my parents found out and went to her house demanding her parents to keep her away from me and expressing racism that we cannot be together as our ethnic backgrounds are incompatible. Both of us are muslim and I've developed a feeling of anger and resentment towards my parents for their racism and for acting the way they did. This is a woman I truly love and want to get married to inshallah but I feel as though I'm being controlled by them on unfair basis. How would you guys tackle the situation? Her parents have refused to now allow her to marry someone of my background because of my parents racism and they fear that she will be miserable with my family which i cannot blame them. However I don't appreciate my family for what they've done, i understand they were trying to do what's best but the racism and actions they took were unfair. I'm also 21 years of age turning 22.