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  • Anxiety

    I have bad anxiety and it can be crippling at times. I'm constantly worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing, or haram. I worry about misinforming or hurting people and not being forgiven. I worry a lot about not having enough time to make up for my mistakes and do better and much more things. It really has affected my life a lot and initially I didn't really realise it, but now that I do, I'll hopefully try to make change bithnillah. I'm also very indecisive, I struggle and take time to make any decision, even simple ones. So if you have any advice about that too, post below please.

    If you have any advice, especially Islamic, or anything else to help cope with anxiety and indecisiveness or anything similar to eventually get over these issues or at least be able to manage them, then please share. It could be helpful to others too, not only myself. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    salam alaykum wa rahmat allah
    if you worry about doing wrong or haram things is out of ignorance then we are forgiven if we do wrong or haram things out of ignorance of their rulings howevers we should allways try and learn the rullings of islam about a matter that we dont know or have doubts about it
    when it comes to misinforming people never speak out of ignorance there is nothing shamefull in saying i dont know when you dont have knowledge even great oh scholars said it when they wasnt sure about the rullings of a certain matter .as for hurting people deliberately you do have controll over your senses so you should be carefull how you interact with others
    you shouldnt worry about having enough times to make out for your mistakes because when you ask forgivness from allah it instant and you are forgiven (assuming there is no transgresion over the rights of other people of other people )but you can however get closer to allah by doing voluntary worship like extra sunnah prayers or fasting each monday and thursday or 3 white days of each lunar month or the fasting of daoud
    as for your indecisivness to make a decission make islam your compas whatever decision goes with islamic teachings go for it and whatever dosent avoid it
    and allah knows best


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      Iv read somewhere that reciting


      can relieve one from distress of any kind.

      Hope this information is right
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