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Urgent Dua Request, Please Read

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  • Urgent Dua Request, Please Read


    I'm requesting everyone reading this to please make a dua for my family and remember us in your prayers. My sister got involved with someone who she claims is a "holy man" but actually practices black magic. We found out about this a couple months ago. She's given him everything - pictures, money, financial documents, bank statements. It's been going on for years. We've forced her to cut off contact, but he won't leave her alone. He has control over Jinns, and they are influencing her and torturing us. She starts having fits at night and even came in my other's sister room with a knife to stab her. She keeps saying she wants to go back to that man and that Allah will punish us for what we did to such a holy man. We have spoken to multiple Alims from different countries and they've all said the same thing - if she goes back, he will marry her and torture/ extort my family for the rest of our lives. We live in the West, and I'm worried that she might get Law Enforcement involved and say we're holding her against her will. He's already married to another girl half his age who he placed in a similar situation.

    I'm requesting everyone reading this to please, please, please pray for my family. I know there are people on this forum who are better than me and have levels of deen/iman I can only hope to reach. Maybe Allah will listen to someone making a dua on this forum. Please pray that my sister sees that man for who he is. Pray that she comes back in the folds of Islam, and asks for forgiveness from Allah. Please pray for the safety and peace of my parents and siblings. And also pray that Allah punish this kafir mockery of an "holy man" for the pain and suffering he has inflicted on all the families for something as meager as money. May Allah keep all of families safe from all these devils in the world.

    Also, please don't quote me in any posted responses. I will delete this post in a couple days for privacy sake. JazakAllah to everyone on this forum.

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    may Allah cure her of this sihr and protect her


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      Moaztain are best Surahs to read for her health. In Sha Allah you would come out of it. I am quite confident on Allah. It's also Sunnah to recite Nad e Ali.


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        May Allah safeguard your sister and family from all evils.

        Play Surah Baqarah and ruqyah aloud in your house