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  • Follow my Heart?

    As-salamu alaykum

    I am in a situation where I am torn on what to do.

    I am happily married with 4 young kids.

    All my life I have been working towards making all of their lives as comfortable as possible and mashallah I have been blessed with an amazing job and well mannered kids.

    I have lived very close to my parents since I was born and now have an opportunity to upsize the house we live in.

    We have found a property and it is 36 mins drive away, and whilst my parents have not directly disapproved, but the comments being made ("You're making a mistake"), it is quite clear, they disapprove of us moving "some" distance away.

    There has always been friction between myself and my parents specially at time where I have felt, they have been too controlling of our lives.

    Am I torn on what to do, my family love this property, my kids are ready to change school and loose friends and have to make new friends so we can better ourselves.

    I also feel creating a bit of distance will better my relationship with my parents and create a stronger bond.

    But do I move with clear disapproval, or look for somewhere very local?

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    36 mins drive is not a long distance!