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Talking with an atheist Italian guy

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  • Talking with an atheist Italian guy

    Salam to all my brothers and sisters, so this is my story today. Just now when I was on my way to go back to my home, in a bus I got a chance to talk with one Italian guy with his girlfriend. Our conversation goes something like this,

    Italian guy : I think in west Malaysia, they're quite divided because of the religion issue but here(East Malaysia) it's not really the case
    Me : Ya, I think the religion issue isn't really as serious as in west Malaysia
    Italian guy : Ya I think they're very nice here. You see, here they don't force you on religion too much like you must be a Muslim or any other else.
    Me : Ya Ya

    So friends, according to the conversation above, am I unintentionally or accidentally murtad(apostate) ? I accidentally blurted out ya ya because I think the situation isn't really suitable if I rejected him directly and I don't want to argue with him. What should I do now ? I know that the better act an that time is that I should keep my mouth shut. But I didn't expect him to say such things at that time. On the other hand, 'if' at that time I deliberately said ya ya. What should I do ? Is it enough to say syahadah ? Thank you

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    shoulda told him muslims dont force pople to accept islam but we do promote islam and call people to islam, to some people merely talking about islam to someone to give dawah = forcing


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      No, you are not an apostate.

      You are being very paranoid about the situation.

      Going forward, just try to be more relaxed. You could say something like 'what makes you say that?', ask him to explain, or just politely say you disagree. It's a sign of maturity to be able to get on with someone you disagree with. So don't think everyone has to agree with you, or you have to agree with everyone else. Just make sure you observe the correct adhab regardless. It is good however that you avoided any argument.


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        Lol, where in West Malaysia someone is enforcing religion?