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About the word 'pillars', pillars of Islam ?

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  • About the word 'pillars', pillars of Islam ?

    Salam brothers and sisters, I want to ask if the use of pillars in this text is allowed ? I know pillar means something like a pole, post, or a vertical object/steel/metal. While reading, I just have come to know that the word 'pillars' is used in descrbing the '5 pillars of Islam'. Now, I am becoming confuse, waswas if I use the word 'pillar' in another context. Is this allowed ? Here is the text :

    "Besides that, the initiative of the Taiwanese Government to promote advanced manufacturing is a very encouraging news especially since three of the five ‘pillar industries’ that has been announced by the government as part of their “5+2 Major Innovative Industries” policy lies in my interest of research area.The five ‘pillar industries’ includes smart machinery, biomedical, Internet of Things(IoT), green energy and defense." .

    Anyone, please don't laugh at me and I know my question sounds stupid really. But lately, I feel puzzled, it seems like I can't form my own opinion and I keep asking people their opinion so as to ease or relief yhe uneasiness in my heart. So brothers and sisters, please help, clarify if I am allowed to use the word 'pillar' in this text ?

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    It is permissible. The word "pillars" is not used exclusively in Islam and is a general term used in everyday language.
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      Thank you brother !


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        You should ask a qualified scholar.