assalamu alaykum wah rahmahtullahi wah barakatuhu

hey people so i want to talk about riba, for a start why do many muslims not think anything of taking out riba like student loans, mortgages, car fiances etc?

does anyone know why its such a sin that equates to waging war with Allah swt and his rasool sallahu alayhi wa salaam?

also ive heard previously of some saying its justified to get a mortgage for a first house to wanting to get on the property ladder so the speak,
do they have any legs to stand on in islam or is it clear cut wrong? as in riba is a major sin in islam are these people just following their whims and desires?

i've also heard of these so called islamic finance banks where they simply replace the word interest with words like profit and say its halal,
does this have any basis at all?

i mean if we are being with ourselves we know we can fool man but how could we fool Allah swt?

jazakAllah khayran