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    AS brothers and sisters,

    I need help to get this message out, no matter how ridiculous it seems or sounds, I am of complete sane mind and I can even point anyone to the operations manual of the warefare being waged against me, disregard any notifications, even if there is a 10% chance of it being true, I have a right to air my version of reality v the powers that be, ideally those in Leicester receiving the community messages - all I need is one person to give me details or confirm so I can go directly to those behind all this skullduggery creating fitna in my house.

    Firstly, I am not looking for attention or sympathy or wish anything other than to be left alone without interference and lies being spread within the community and wider public as part of a character assassination/state harassment campaign by intelligence services, unfortunately for me family members and friends have been turned as part of the campaign against me, I don't have any mental issues even though I was referred to a state health official who had already been pre-conditioned with what to diagnose me with, and family members seem to have signed off on this, because everything is done under a layer of secrecy I was unable to do anything as I trusted people who, its seems were just buying time, I have written to the British Government (to which I have had no response) and also tried to get legal help but all contacts are notified and ring fenced as part of this programme. You can mock and tell me I have mental issues, I dont really care - there are some seriously powerful forces involved, this is happening in Leicester and anyone from the Asian community will be on the notifications to corroborate this, imagine having all your private affairs and discussions being distributed via a community group app and being mobbed and stalked by your very community because people have been pre-conditioned.

    There is manipulation and propaganda happening at the highest level, this is only possible if secrecy is maintained but I have seen and heard what I need to over time to know that a new world order stasi esqe operation is in full swing against me. If the Muslim community is being a particular narrative, surely they should also have the other side of the argument which is muted, this has been ongoing for over a year now and as time passes people are being taken away/turned from me, this includes my two elder children, this is sick and twisted by an stretch of the imagination, everything in my life is at risk because of the secrecy maintained.

    I beg people, that if you know people in Leicester and anyone else on these notifications abusing H&S laws - please help cascade this, I have tried to hand out leaflets about the programme which is well known and documented but the Police were immediately dispatched, I beg you to keep an open mind, I have no desire for material things in life - these are outright lies and fabrcations engineered as part of this campaign in an effort to turn the community and people against me.


    ---------- Forwarded message ---------
    From: Don Tan <[email protected]>
    Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2020, 19:16
    Subject: Re: A plea for assistance - Leicester operations
    To: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>
    Cc: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>

    Dear Mp's,

    Further to my email to which I have received no response or offer of assistance from the British Government, as a British Citizen the state has a duty of care to protect me and my family from illegal torture and covert interference seriously affecting my quality of life and dismantling it piece by piece. Whilst the state Psychologist will have you believe I am seeking attention or pity as part of the jackanory, I am NOT, I am highlighting and being proactive to continued assaults in this covert operation being carried out against me in Leicester violating most of my human rights to the full knowledge of officials and local authority and members of my family, neighbours and the wider population, no doubt using the I am a nasty character under investigation rhetorique to ring fence any support from outside the prison you have created for me which has gone on for more than a year, these covert psychological techniques are very real, those carrying out these activities on UK soil must not be allowed to carry out human right abuses using the state itself and acting with impunity, untouchables, I am not a hostile civilian, a crook or anything nefarious that warrants such attention or tactics being deployed against me, even if you have been able to spin me in the worst possible light.

    I attach two documents submitted to the UN regarding covert no touch torture submitted by PACT which highlight the existance of these programmes, the same torturous methods which I have been subjected to, it is a shame to see the British Government take part/sanctioning such horrific activities designed to torture members of society and inflict human suffering of the worst kind imaginable for such a prolonged period, violating an individuals human rights, a right to exist with dignity and enjoy life, especially worrying and of interest is the direct sabotaging of relationships (which now include my two elder children) targeted by the state which many have experianced and character assasinated using very underhanded methods which can only be carried out by the likes of MI5 with no checks and balances in place, essentially operating with absoloute impunity like mercenaries and militia just because family members have signed it off and trust those in authority flashing credentials unbeknown of the illegal tactics being employed here and the corruption and bias operating under different layers of secrecy, whilst I am no match for such organisations, I will protect what is my mine by any means necessary make no mistake of this.

    As far as I am aware - we in the UK still respect human rights and the rule of law still applies? Please correct me if this has changed so that I may also operate in such a manner and disregard any law of the land because that is essentially the precedence you are setting, no respect for data protection/GDPR, we DONT frame people or set them up using Britains intelligence services, we do not abuse our powers to make someones life hell just because you have designated them as an enemy of the state, which I should not be, but it begs the question of why so much resource has been deployed against me and on whos behalf, we do not weaponise health systems and misdiagnose an individual to suit an agenda and then cascade that information to the population, you cannot continue to act with impunity and keep violating me like this, or try to dissolve my relationships just because you have managed to manipulate everyone against me and have covert assistance, and then force me to speak to a state Psychologist, take drugs after launching psychological assaults on me for over a year, daily, and getting family members to sign off on it whom you have duped using the same layer of secrecy albeit with compartmentalised information, last time I checked this was the UK, not Nazi Germany or the former Soviet Union, the United Kingdon, where the rule of law still applies?

    I am not your stasi mind experiment subject, I am not under arrest, I have not been charged with any crime, I have committed no offence that I am aware of, I have no hidden assets, you have no right to slander me to a population abusing H&S systems, or designate me as violent when I have no history of such behaviour so you can abuse those communication systems for your own nefarious purposes and provoke me into such actions, you have no right to share confidential information in an effort to sabotage relationships including details of a confidential whistleblowing disclosure, or broadcast your narrative of what is happening in my life to a population serving a dual agenda and humiliating me.

    It begs the question of who you are acting on behalf of, and why intelligence services are being used on a nobody going as far as influencing minors having already conditioned the neighbourhood, the city, family and friends to a jackanory, having weaponised psychology against me and turning everyone into stasi agents operating as part of a group against me, who were very blatant in telling me I could not prove it, from supposed loved ones, well done in unleashing the power of psychology and espionage reserved for spies on a civilian nobody who has been trying to get on with his life who posed no threat to the state or any entity!

    I once again kindly request that the ring of surveillance be removed and the interference of my life with immediate effect, or I be charged with whatever it is you have been engineering evidence for, now that all your ducks are lined up, and everyone is conditioned to the image you have engineered, whilst I understand that this may be above your clearance and a deep state operation protecting members of the club, you, the British Govt have a duty of care to me and to ensure a just and fair ending to this horrific experience.

    I will call this out for what it was - it was a state sponsored murder operation by psychological means using illegal methods under international law leaving little evidence initiated by the intelligence services or contractors from the militiary industrial complex, it was fortunate that I discovered the existance of this programme/methods to inflict injury and things started making more sense as you continued to run the well oiled propoganda machine against me to keep the hearts and minds of those around me conditioned to your narrative whilst the area turned into a theatre and the popuation at your beck and call including friends and family members, hardly covert given all the interference and massive deployment of assets against me and that everyone is under advice in relation to interactions with me.

    This is still a democracy as far as I am aware, I did not get the memo if that had changed to a full blown tyranny or a police state as we seem to be operating to no rules in effect a lawless environment where those in power feel able to carry out any inhumane acts they feel necessary without recourse, I once again request that the state cease and desist from all interference especially where my children are concerned as you are really pushing it now, DO NOT interfere with my children, I have put up with everything else, this is NOT a game as entertaining as it may be for others.



    On Tue, 21 Jul 2020 at 14:13, Don Tan <[email protected]> wrote:
    Dear Mp's,
    Mi5 or Intelligence contractors must cease and desist from operations against me

    Whilst the following may come across as the ramblings of a disillusioned individual, please consider that covert operations are indeed taking place against me using text book cointelpro tactics, this is a hidden evil that exists within UK society, if there are operations then those on the distribution list will be aware and I have omitted my surname for a reason.

    I am subject of state sanctioned harassment and interference as a targeted individual, I am of sane mind and suffer from no mental illness, I respectfully request that I be removed from the "targeted individuals" black list, I have no doubt that local officials will be aware of the sadistic operation being conducted in Leicester, whereby you have invented a boogeyman and using the civilian population to track me and harass me. Whilst I understand that this may be being enacted by dark suits operating from the shadows with impunity making my life hell, locking down areas and roads and doing as they please with psychological games, I will NOT have my family torn apart and set up like this. Even if I am a murderer, a bank robber or whatever it is you have projected using disinformation campaigns, you do not have any right to interfere in my family matters or make deals and judgements on me outside of judicial processes and remove my family support structure, or try to dissolve my marriage, as you try to psychologically dissect me and get it horribly wrong, essentially weaponising psychology against me and broadcasting this to family, and the general population!

    WHERE IS THE RULE OF LAW, you are acting with impunity and this is lawless behaviour by those drunk on power who are not accountable and respect no law, or have any consideration for an individuals human rights which have all been violated.

    I humbly request that you cease and desist from all operations against me and my family. All gangstalking and cointelpro operations as part of the "targeted individual" programme, all covert and overt psychological warfare, character assasination activities and cease all surveillance activities and the distribution of information relating to me! I have been set up and framed, evidence has been engineered against me throughout the course of the year, all my human rights have been violated and you have effectively deleted me from society based on your profiling and one you have created and distributed to the population, and your narrative, manipulating members of my own family to take part in your theatricals, interpreting events to your liking in this stasi community policing operation co-ordinated by our intelligent service or their contractors, initially, in an effort to make me look like I have a mental illness which is synthetic.

    There are rules, we have laws for a reason, laws we recognise and adhere to, I do not live in a lawless society whereby those in power are able to act like war lords and militia, lawless and immoral behaviour, entrapment and setups, destroying relationships and creating groups to target a person, engineering evidence and actions to fit a narrative, regardless of the fact as to whether I am guilty or not, that is a matter for the courts to decide based on evidence, and application of just judicial processes and facts open to scrutiny, no one should have the power to bypass the law of the land and be judge, jury and executioner when a man's family is at stake as you covertly and psychologically try to separate me from my children having achieved the blessing of other family members under the layer of secrecy where I don't know what is going on.

    Firstly, just to counter any misinformation let us assume that I am whatever it is I am claimed to be, a fraudster or whatever it is, let the rule of law be applied in that case, this targeting violates all my human rights and dignity as an individual and the opportunity to salvage and address any issues within my family or be able to explain any information being used to achieve the image being propagated as part of this character assasination and isolation campaign, if I have something to answer for - please arrest me and charge me and apply the relevant legal processes by an authority I recognise i.e. law enforcement. Don't use the layer of secrecy to totally destroy every relationship I have and invent whatever image you have engineered, I do not consent to mob rule or vigilante justice where my fate, or that of my family is decided upon without my presence using a kangaroo community court where professional manipulators and propaganda artists are at play with theatricals to suit the masses having conditioned everyone to your narrative, or where conflicting agendas are pursued without an opportunity to scrutinise any information which has obviously been twisted to suit agendas, where no one has my interest at heart, or that of my family as a whole, where I have no right to privacy eroding all dignity and my right to exist, do as you wish to me but please dont destroy my family exploiting fractures and engineering divides in an effort to destroy the foundation of my very existence when I have committed NO crime that I am aware of, broken no law that I am aware of, charged with nothing, yet at every opportunity of resolving family matters, intervention seems to put a spanner in the works, this is criminal behavior!

    I am a British Citizen and thus should be afforded protection by the state not be attacked by the state using the civilian population or city resources because you have made assumptions and tried me already as part of a community witch hunt and have slanderous information distributed, or have police cars deployed to wake me up or shadow me, or have civilians sent out to my house going around the block making loud noises and everything else which is text book to gangstalking operations, whilst I appreciate it may be fun for those at the controls manipulating my environment, dreaming up human suffering tactics, it's clearly not fun for me, intelligent services are conducting operations with military precision, on me, a nobody, and I am also sure that the police helicopter has better things to do. I have worked all my life, hard, I hold no malice towards anyone, or any organisation, entity, I have more than a majority of the population and am very much content, you are engineering misinformation to tether relationships which is the m.o of this program.

    I am offering you an opportunity of discussion, I am telling you that you have got something horribly wrong, and that you have connected all the wrong dots, I can almost guarantee this and if I am given the opportunity I can help you connect the right dots! I humbly request that you correct the slander and assumptions you have relayed to members of my family and my extended family. I am NOT a criminal, or inclined in any such way, you have cast me in the worst light possible, I have no hidden past, present, assets or anything of that sort, I have had no psychological shifts or have any such issues, I have been through psychological hell and my children are all I have left so I would kindly request that you make no requests to my daughter who is a minor through your messaging system to take part in your stasi esqe operation. I will NOT be destroyed because you have managed to convince my family that I am something else and made covert arrangements with others, my intentions have always been good despite my terrible behaviour under heavy psychological bombardment over the course of what feels like eternity, I will not be a political pawn because someone made an error in judgement and had to just go with it due to financial commitments, I have always and repeatedly invited an open and transparent investigation into my finances or anything else for that matter.

    You, the state have been sanctioning psychological warfare/entrapement operations against me under the "targeted individual" programme, under the guise of an investigation and actually trying to frame me and isolate me, using no touch torture cointelpro tactics in a continued effort to inflict mental torture upon me using the community and civilians and contacting everyone I come into contact with or go to for help, eventually turning them against me, this has been going on for over a year, you have set up theatre in Leicester in an effort to pyschologically destroy me, isolate me, destroy all my relationships, and engineer evidence against me using entrapment methods and coersion just because those who should be loyal to me have betrayed me thus giving you the green light to do anything to me, tracking me around the city like some criminal, and going to the extent of manipulating my device, the community and planting evidence against me, when I called this out you had my phone formatted, you systematically turned everyone, person by person against me using techniques reserved for a cold war era along with propoganda/disinformation campaigns engineering divides through religion, sects, beliefs and colour, turning entire communities against me systematically, and it has been hell on earth and I am tired of being stalked around by gangs of cars/civilians all being dispatched to hunt me like I am free game or part of a gestapo track and trace experiment in some sick and twisted sadistic game where I am the hunted, whilst being humiliated in the various communities based on loose information taken as gospel which is free from scrutiny, all this, whilst you feed a narrative to the general population in case I topped myself whilst managing the perception to the masses and keeping them updated, at the same time you have turned friends and family members against me using pyschological techniques and tried to create an image of a boogeyman within the community which everyone is free to attack, whilst blocking my efforts to earn a living without letting me explain any events which may have alternative explanations and having all my neighbours to carry out your requests on the button, and some things are not meant to be shared unless your only motive is the destruction of relationships, and dangling a carrot on a stick to family members whilst time passes using them to keep me subdued and eventually turning them against me.

    You have tried to attack any good I have done using clever propaganda techniques and running disinformation campaigns whilst I desperately ran around like a headless chicken to fix relationships because for me it was a nightmare. You have relayed confidential and manipulated information in a conservative effort to break down relationships or lead me into conversations which were then relayed to others which shows the intention here was to turn people against me and adopt your narrative, people I trusted with my life, I have broken no laws that I am aware of, I have over the course of the year demanded that I be brought to account for whatever it is I am supposed to have done because everyone is sworn to secrecy. I have tried to go to the police on several occasions and the intelligent services namely Mi5 because I could feel that my family was being torn apart under a layer of secrecy that everyone was operating from, but as we all know, I will be designated as having a mental illness and was threatened with such as per the design of the programme so I am stuck. I am analytical and can distinguish between what's real and what is unreal, and I have matched the exact tactics being deployed on me in the military operations manual of psychological warfare, a civilian for gods sake, a working man, who sold a few cars on the side, said a few things in the heat of the moment, acted badly when attacked, not some criminal running a money laundering operation of international scale! You ran noise campaigns, mobbing and ostracized me within the community, along with various other psychological tactics to inflict injury, and exploiting fractures in relationships and breaking them down systematically, one by one, even crossing the red line with my children, whilst you kept set narratives fed to members of my family and extended family, your narrative, unfortunately I trusted people when I should have acted sooner.

    Whilst I understand that you will not acknowledge the existence of this programme and try to deem me as mentally ill as per design, I humbly request that you reconsider that I am NOT what is being assumed of me and not deserving of this, you have weaponised psychology against me in an effort to win the hearts and minds of people and pitch them against me, made me suggestible using psychological techniques and brought out the worst in me as I battled attacks from every front imaginable. I give full consent for Mi6 to take me to any site and interrogate me using any method/drug deemed necessary and get this over with, I will sign any disclaimer to this effect because I am desperate to show that I am not what is being projected which is impacting my family or potential loss off, whilst I had some faults like any human and behaved badly in a horror environment - I have reflected upon these and corrected myself and certainly nothing to the extent of the broadcast/assumptions you have been feeding to family members like some high profile operation where CNN has been replaced with messaging systems and information is tailored as part of the perception management campaign, I hate no one, I get passionate and heated for things I believe in and I dont hold back, and I never did anything without a cause or out of malice, but in no way should I have my family destroyed whom I love dearly and be slandered to using biased psychological profiling and trust me you have got this very wrong and which is why it is so frustrating for me waking up everyday wishing I could just set the record straight and explain any past events which you seem to have jumbled up and come up with what essentially is a jackanory to suit your agenda resulting in a severe disconnect for me, its based on assumptions that I have been attempting to correct, and for these to be distributed within the communities in an effort to blacklist me from society altogether and engineer hatred towards me using unethical entrapment/framing tactic, whilst every action and spoken word is manipulated and twisted to suit the agenda/profile being created and broadcasted to the community/family and friends, your version, your narrative, no trial, no opportunity to explain.

    Throughout the year, you have used members of my own family to entrap me, frame me and set me up in certain situations to engineer certain reactions to create a certain image, effectively creating an us v me mentality, any domestic issues have been a direct result of this operation, group thinking being applied against me whilst I had no representation to defend and correct assumptions as you worked on each of my associates covertly, this, whilst all the time I was just about keeping my head above water as I went from one nightmare to another and my family was the only thing on my mind as you unleashed psychological torment on me daily using the civilian population to track me and chase me down like a pack of hyenas, logging me in on some tracking app, local authority and the city in general, and had all assets being deployed against me across the city! Like I was some psychotic criminal, as you worked on the perception manipulation operation which was fit for heads of state, not a civilian "nobody" like me who was just trying to get on with his life, I am sure you left out the repeated psychological trauma inflicted everyday and what you were trying to achieve and how you had already set the stage for this, illegal in its entirety - designed to cause nothing but human psychological suffering.

    I have no doubt that intelligence services were involved as this harassment continued overseas, whilst I was on pilgrimage! An opportunity to reset you would think, but you continued the theatre there in an effort to break down my relationship and made people behave badly to feed the image being engineered. I am sure you missed out this part of the story along with many other parts and compartmentalised information between the players. In the sanctuary of the mosques I was not left alone at home or abroad, you attacked my faith to suit an agenda and relayed this to family members/groups and worked on this for a reason, you disclosed private and personal information to the wider population to feed the image. You had no right to try to interfere in my marriage and create disharmony in my marriage when you could clearly see that I was making every effort to counter the repeated attacks, there was no need to dig into my marriage or make any covert deals on this front involving my children and recruiting members of my family and engineering conflicts, I was NOT what was being assumed of me, I was a good person on the whole, I practiced my faith and I never thought as anything of myself as you had people believe, lie after lie you fed the people to suit a set narrative.

    I was an activist, I helped people for genuine reasons, I needed to contribute positively to the world in my own way, people came to me with issues and I helped them where possible, I had no desire for this as per the projection on a personal level, be it parking issues, or anything else, in essence, I fought peoples battles for them, and I spoke out when I needed to, I called things out for what they were, I had disagreements and opinions like everyone else, sure I fell out with people but there was a good reason behind every single altercation I ever had and it was mostly to do with me defending someone but without an explanation it could be made to look like anything and in an activist environment you are bound to have personality clashes, I did good and there was room for improvement in other matters and totally blind sighted in some respects which was only revealed to me on deep self reflection, but I was NOT some criminal, the state had no right to meddle with my family or my mind unless you had something to hide or cover up or were acting on behalf of someone, neither was I the character you were making me out to be, I was kind, caring and very loyal to causes and people, but also abrasive on the other hand and flew of the handle at times and you don't judge someone whilst psychological hell is being unleashed on him.

    Neither did I, or do I wish to take part in anything illegal. I tried to get a job after being made redundant and it seems my life was ring fenced and notifications went out to potential employers blocking me from earning a living for jobs I applied for, whilst a narrative was fed that I don't wish to work to a population on the other hand, or that I wanted to do some kind of fraud, or sit on benefits ostracizing me in the communities with various false allegations and assumptions or distributing private and personal information! At worst, I said things in moments of anger and frustration which I made no secret of, this was used and spun against me, or whilst warfare was being waged on me I lashed out verbally, I agree.

    You the state, or whoever launched a community operation against me in an effort to torture me, and pyschologically rape daily me based on your incorrect profiling in a stasi esque operation using friends, neighbours and family members slowly building an image of something I was NOT operating under a layer of secrecy, I just needed a wake up and be left to it because even I did not recognise some behaviours as me, as any pyschologist will tell you, in a state of confusion, and under immense pyschological stress anyone would behave out of character, I went from one nightmare to another, sleep was my only escape, and I reacted badly but my m.o was always to save my family from the repeated attacks from every angle in an attempt to break my relationships and buying people with jobs or gifts along the way in an effort to create a biased opinion as is the cointelpro way which is an illegal operation, loyalty has a price it seems and for me it was cheap, I figured this a little late, quite ironical that it was loyalty that got me here and the taking of sides which left me open to little support whilst you tried to turn my own mother and father against me, eventually my sister which suited both agendas with ludicrous and pathetic allegations in a direct attempt to severe ties.

    You tried to display me with the help of family members as someone who desired the finer things in life, led a secret life, in actual fact if I had it, I would spend it, but I had ALWAYS been prepared for basics, you tried to make out that I had a need for money, flash cars, a grandiose lifestyle etc, a person who needed to show something, in actual fact, this couldn't be further from the truth, I had NOTHING to prove to no one, I never have, EVER, these were blatant lies, fabrications in their entireity, I was the opposite of keeping up with the Joneses, very much so unless you had someone parrot a pre-rehearsed theatrical for the masses corroborating everything you said in exchange for other favours, sure I played in the world but it was always a game of monopoly and I have since given up on certain hobbies/activities, I was never into drugs, drinking or anything nefarious, what was important was my family more than anything in the world, not the endless pursuit of materialistic wealth and possessions as you tried to engineer this profile, I am sorry, but this was outright fabrication using very underhanded espionage style methods, this meant NOTHING to me in the grand scheme of things! I had little academic qualifications but all my brain cells were all on active duty and I was a very capable individual with an extensive work history and I was looking for a simple job which was repeatedly blocked whilst I was strategically steered into other jobs wasting my time and efforts every step of the way which transpired to be nothing but theatre arranged by the men in dark suits pulling the strings, same when I tried to move out of town up North and start a fresh life, you intercepted and had my jobs rejected before the closing date and follow up enquiries indicated this clearly.

    I was happily a black sheep but it seems there were conservative efforts to show this image of a shallow individual who thought he was better than others, a show off, a control freak and had others parrot information to show this or get me to do specific tasks throughout the year in a cleverly engineered operation when I was anything but, so instead you engineered this other me perception, clutching at straws whilst I suffered, innocent conversations were twisted and manipulated whilst I desperately tried to save my marriage by any means necessary, I was NOT going to give in, not with all the propoganda in the world, or all my dirty laundry laid out and broadcasted, there is nothing I wont admit to, and I will NEVER admit to something I am not or have it be the cause of the breakdown of my marriege, I love my children, they are my life, my everything, and for the record I never controlled them, or had any say in their movements as you kindly relayed to family members to build the picture of a controlling narcisstic father/husband, pathetic as I was anything but, you had manipulated information and distributed this on the shared community app slandering me and tracking me across the close knit community and feeding that narrative whilst friends and family were sent periodic sms's to create a warped picture of the reality serving a common agenda, it was your theatre and your actors, you made the movie, and thus created the perceptions and my reactions, he who controls the information controls the narrative and indeed I was not without fault in this pyschological battlefield but my intentions were pure, always, still are, I called it out for what it was right from the start, I demanded to be confronted but the pie you were baking was not ready yet, because there was no crime, you engineered whatever it was, it felt like I had walked in a room and picked up a smoking gun, yet I had not pulled the trigger, I was innocent in that sense and had done nothing, broken no laws, desperately trying to prove my innocence, whilst pyschological manipulators were working hard on others exploting fractures within relationships and escape goating me, every genuine effort was spun into a negative as I battled to save my marriege, I have severe anxiety so I enjoy a peaceful life and would never want to jeopordise my peace for anything in the world, outside of influnces - anyone would tell you this is who I was and like I said, I was not without fault.

    I sold cars on the side and everything that came with the territory, I searched for car listings, did research, I had pictures on my phone for reference, or of cars, I sold a few watches at times, or bought something to repair and sell, just for the hell of it, but I was never into anyting criminal, you took innocent information and manipulated it to suit an agenda, spun anything I may have said in jest and exaggerated everything you could, to engineer a motive it seems, you had members of my family do "theatre" in an effort to make them believe whatever it was they were being told, this was a common theme, someone may have seen me searching for something in particular, why did it just matter now, I had been doing that for a decade, it's called surfing, you DO NOT assume, I was a curious person, I looked into many useless things, toyed with ideas, you made serious efforts using family members to show me as a narcissistic psychopathic jelous individual as part of your dehumasing propaganda campaign and it was clear that health officials were aware of the program when I was taken to a pyschiatrist, this was in direct response to all the mobbing in the community as you engineered a monkey see, monkey wants type of profile, when it should be, monkey see's, monkey gets curious! Part of the program was to get me logged as someone delusional, I was coached and requested to do things on request by members of my own family and I now realise why, it was entrapment, I put it down to cognitive dissonance for not realising sooner.

    I lashed out of frustration because of the injustice of the situation and frustrated that I couldn't account for events which had reasonable explanations that were being spun, if I was guilty of anything, the evidence would surely be there anyway, sure I had faults but they were exaggerated and hands up where it was due, you did this because right from the start and you tried to sell me as a threat knowing that at some point I would flip out with the repeated psychological attacks and isolation as is common with the targeted individuals program, or end my life and you kept this narrative fed with smokescreen reasons broadcasted to the masses unbeknown to all of the covert illegal and inhumane psychological warfare programme that was being waged on me, whether this was some revenge for whistleblowing, or I was under some kind of covert Govt programme, or you were looking for money that did not exist?

    I had no history of violence or of any mental disorders, I did not suddenly change and "went back to my old ways" which was what anyway? I grew up in the hood, I had a lovely childhood, no childhood traumas, exploring the outdoors, took knocks and bumps but it's all part of growing up, I had every opportunity to take part in what everyone was doing all around me, but it never once crossed my mind, because there are lines I do not cross no matter what! I am more than aware that psychologists have to attribute a change to an event, ones singing to your tune and narrative, on your payroll (I have seen Shutter Island), but there was none, because I was not the profile of the person being engineered and thats why you had to get people to act it out, I was being tick boxed and events were being created, I had a moment of depression and some spiritual issues which wasn't helped by the barrage of assaults that followed non stop leaving me in a state of utter confusion and looking for answers, and I had a loud mouth and was passionate about things I believed in, I was never, or have ever been jealous or envious of anyone, EVER, a chain of unfortunate events had been misinterpreted it seems, having roads cleared and Asda emptied was surreal, what should I now be adopting a Jason mask and a machete to fit the profile? Playing with traffic lights and hindering my movement in the city with civilians tracking me everywhere, anyone would say you were running a full blown MKultra operation.

    Granted I had some faults, and indeed I had a breakdown previously, but let's be clear, I love my family, my religion, I had not changed, I DID NOT suddenly turn into a narcissistic axe wielding psychopathic jealous controlling criminal overnight, you were exaggerating events and staged them and pyschologically provoking me into a reaction whilst using family members whom you won worked on to cover up all evidence of my targeting, welcome to my nightmare, you connected all the wrong dots, by having everyone on the button in your theatre of operations, the environment changed into a theatre which you controlled and thus created whatever image you wanted, interpreted every action to fit your narrative, distributing whatever you wanted as gospel in what seemed like a military level take down psychological perception manipulation operation with no rule of law or respect for my human rights, or dignity because in your eyes I was guilty and deserved to be punished, you managed to dehumanise me to all my associates and tried to brand me as a racist, a hater, a narcissist and everything else under the sun whilst I fought to remove the poison you placed between me and my wife, I have nothing against my fellow man regardless of colour, caste or creed, I will call it out as I see it have no doubt, I have no desire for anything other than a peaceful life, a job and to continue practising my faith without hindrance or being mobbed in places of worship or slandered and ostricised within my community or the city, I understand that I am on my own here fighting for my family and entirely at your mercy having sucessfully turned everyone against me systematically, I kindly ask that I be given the benefit of doubt and let me live my life and be left alone with my family, this is all I ask in exchange for the suffering I have endured, but make no mistake I will fight to the death where my family is concerned regardless of any other arrangements because my intentions have never been bad, I reacted in what was a warzone.

    I would kindly and humbly request that you cease and desist from all operations against me, interference in my family life, and correct any information to my immediate family and extended family, I don't really care what anyone else thinks. You attacked my faith and despite my shortcomings in other areas I practised my religion with my heart, and I will NOT have ANYONE question this as it is none of their business and is a matter between me and my lord unless you have an agenda behind this. I will happily leave town and start over with my family which I have tried but my jobs are being blocked, I am happy to comply with any investigation, or answer any questions you may have, sign any disclaimer, please consider, you may have got things wrong or made assumptions by connecting the wrong dots and coincidences, I accept my behaviour has been bad but this is not me, I cannot stress this enough no matter what it looks like, I am fighting for what's right, my right to live my life with my family without interference and a desire to frame me for something I have not done, or am, I have broken no law, committed no crime, charged with nothing, yet tried and punished based on biased psychological profiling or assumptions.

    Organised gangstalking and cointelpro are evil programmes, they have no place in society let alone in a so called democracy, they are designed to inflict maximum suffering on the target, the British Government should not be turning a blind eye to this or sanctioning this, whether it is state sponsored or corporate sponsored, the intelligent services should be protecting the population not turning it's guns on its own people at the request of those in power.


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    "as time passes people are being taken away/turned from me, this includes my two elder children"

    I can't imagine what life would be like when you have your own children taken away from you or they are turned from you.
    Inshallah one day your children will be brought back to you.


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      Originally posted by RED ICON View Post
      "as time passes people are being taken away/turned from me, this includes my two elder children"

      I can't imagine what life would be like when you have your own children taken away from you or they are turned from you.
      Inshallah one day your children will be brought back to you.
      They wont IA, I am making sure of that by being proactive now, I would just request this message is communicated to brothers and sisters, especially to those in Leicester, Dewsbury, Blackburn and Bolton, please, I have left things a little too late, and if someone can get a message to Katherine Horton at [email protected] to contact me I would be grateful, my number is 07595 329349 - 447595329349 as my comms may have been ring fenced or notifications are going out to not respond and I have witnessed this happen in real time before.
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        Thanks to a brother who reccomended I write to the Minitry of justice, I take it no one is able to help with the contact...figures.

        Nevertheless here is a copy, none of this is Islamic, no one should be taking part in anything outside of law of the land, because despite other minor faults a person may have, they can be wrongly accused, protrayed and punished, this is why we have courts and judicial processes;

        Dear Robert and the overseers of law and order,

        Further to my request for assistance from the British Govt to which I have received no response regarding the so called covert operation/investigation running in Leicester and the blatant abuse of power with no regard for the letter of the law. There does not seem any point in making any formal complaints as it's clear, some are beyond the authorities or judicial processes, there is obviously a layer that is able to act with impunity so I am just making a plea.

        I would first like to point out that I have no psychological issues and I am of sane mind, I have been the subject of a vicious witch hunt orchestrated by those in power, apparently under some kind of covert investigation and ring fenced, tormented for well over a year in a virtual prison. This operation has been ongoing in Leicester for well over a year now whereby human rights abuses have taken place, I have been tormented and they have tried to drive me to suicide by making my environment hell using text book "cointelpro" gangstalking tactics, it is far too large and involves far too many people and authorities to just have it covered up, or make me look like I am delusional.

        All my family members, my in-laws, and other family have been conditioned to a set narrative destroying all my relationships using the layer of secrecy (alleged covert investigation) and propaganda and have all been poisoned so effectively I have little support other than token gestures prompted by those running the stitch up, I would like allegations corrected as it has been through no fair and judicial process, just a wealth of corruption, deceit and espionage - this is all I request, I have no desire for recourse for the torment I have endured, the only thing I am only guilty of in this theatre of operations is bad behaviour and reaction to an environment.

        Power is being abused and I am being vilified using the layer of secrecy, my life effectively being dissolved - where private and personal information is distributed to the population with complete disregards for the rule of law, someone's dignity and privacy, where I am unable to even seek legal help or other genuine help other than what is being arranged at the request by those running the operation and pre-conditioned to a set outcome to suit the narrative, this is lawless behaviour, with no oversight, no regard for the rule of law, no checks and balances in place, a complete and blatant stitch up operation, where £m's in finances have been committed to and now its become political and I am the pawn, whereby everything is taken as gospel by those in authority who have nefarious motives, to deny me any real assistance, to isolate me and engineer family conflicts and hatred towards me, surveillance and H&S laws are being abused and everyone is sworn to secrecy in this stasi eque community operation whereby I have already been deemed as guilty for something I have not done and punished, or for errors in judgement I have made in the past with best intentions, I have been made to look like I have a mental condition when I am perfectly fine, and for negative information to be distributed in a tight knit Asian community pitching husband and wife against each other whilst offering to manage the dissolving of marriages and custody of children whilst I fight to fix and correct the repeated onslaught of covert assualts and bring the matter out in the open.

        No matter what I am being made out to be, or am, I have a right to be able to get help, a right for the law of the land to be applied to me and not be set up and framed, to be put through just and judicial processes before allegations and slander is distributed in an effort to blacklist me from society altogether, and deflect attempts to dissolve my marriage and take my kids away from me having convinced friends and family members, friends I have known all my life are turned and conditioned against me no doubt using personal and biased information or outright trickery, or just inventing it given what I have experienced, this is lawless and criminal behaviour, as the Secretary of state for justice you of all people will appreciate the importance for the rule of law and that the abuse of power can lead to injustices and whilst people feel it is ok to torment someone to death because he/she has a few minor faults disregarding any good he/she has done is criminal and unfair, especially since the profiling is completely wrong and efforts are then made to entrap the person to fit the profile and should the person take his own life from the hell, who/what can we blame is the only concern.

        I am being set up, framed and demonised as part of some community covert operation which has been ongoing for over a year, which I have been trying to bring to light as I live in this nightmare whereby those around me are under instructions along with my environment and contacts being controlled, relationships dissolved, going as far as influencing my two children who are minors and tearing my marriege apart, my area has been a theatre of operations and the community set upon me operating like a vigilante community group directed by officials abusing the power afforded to them by the state and covering up at each step, where I am hunted and vilified with complete disregard for my human rights and the rule of law and any fair judicial processes, where there is entrapment, framing and set ups, planting of evidence, and the tampering of devices where everyone has been bought onboard using the layer of secrecy where others have decided that I need to be punished outside of judicial processes, all my contacts and family members have been visited by officials and I have been slandered to and confidential information is shared specifically to isolate me, conditioning them and making me out to be something I am NOT, and yes I had faults I will openly admit to but nothing on the scale of the projection or be subjected to the nightmare I find myself in in constant conflict with family members whom have been arranged on one side v me.

        This is still a democracy, the law of the land still applies, the powers afforded to them by the state should not be abused, I am not an enemy of the state, I am NOT a criminal, the law of the land applies to me, human rights apply to me despite the fact that the state has been able to convince others that I am a Psychopathic and violent criminal when I have no history of any violent behaviour, despite repeated attempts by psychological means to get me to act out, if illegal and no touch torture is being inflicted on someone in an attempt to murder them psychologically, lies and entrapment, framing, abuse of data protection - what credibility do these authorities have in carrying any just and fair investigation and of their motives? Because if they were just, they would know by now my only motive is the security of my family and to be left alone. If they feel the need to frame me and go around visiting and conditioning everyone I know and turning them, what exactly are they trying to achieve here, who are they acting on behalf of, and who is being protected here at the expense of me, yet I have been put through no just and judicial process to have my life literally deleted from underneath me despite trying to call this out and address this on numerous occasions before things went too far, what if we all behaved lawlessly, discarded the rule of law, set people up, paid people off, have the whole community attack them, did what we wanted whilst drunk on power and making someone suffer as sport, to suicide them, treat someones life like a game, what if we had no authority to answer to, unlimited power and influence and were able to do anything we pleased, convicted and punished anyone we deemed an enemy using kangaroo courts and interpreted anything to suit an agenda? I am human, I am allowed to have faults and reflect upon them, but I have committed NO crime I am aware of, I only have good intentions, I am being stitched up and framed, my family is being used against me and I have NO intention of committing any crime whatsoever, and never have! Any such indications are outright fabrications, I have done nothing other than seek employment and be met with blockages, diversions and set ups, this is a set up and a complete and desperate stitch up operation whilst time was bought to frame me whilst in psychological hell, and to condition everyone using members of my own family, no letter of the law is being applied to me!

        Where is the rule of law, where is the oversight, what happened to innocent until proven guilty based on real evidence not a frame up or theatre, or people being bought or offered things in exchange to parrot something? Where evidence and false profiles can literally be engineered, spun and invented and then relayed in a continuous information stream, relationships poisoned, abusing data protection laws and relaying of confidential information to humiliate someone or to turn others, where people are free to cover up any evidence of my targeting and be told I can't prove it outright? Just because family members and people who should be supporting me have succumbed to the propaganda. Where's justice? This is a dangerous precedence that is being set.

        I hope to hear from someone who regards the law as sacred, as something that keeps us civilised, as something that applies to everyone, but I won't hold my breath.
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          Dear Ministers of Justice,

          FAO: Head of prosecutions, or someone who plays by the rules and respects the law!

          Further to my messages below, specifically, the rule of law - innocent until proven guilty, framing, set ups, and systematic corruption.

          I am once again pleading to bring this to an end, I am not into anything criminal, or have any such intentions, I have been charged with nothing, you have been trying to frame me and managing the story to your audience, my family and community at large, you have no right interfering in my family affairs given the conduct and outright trickery being employed here and the corruption from those in authority who are suppose to be just and fair.

          I come to find that effectively the rule of law does not apply to me, neither does innocent until proven guilty, it seems some people do not require to operate within the law, forces who answer to no one, who can have me diagnosed as a violent Psychopath which is quite convenient, tracked, flagged, minded by security and others wherever I go, even in places of worship, SICK because your messing with a higher power there and you may have all the power on earth but there will come a time where justice shall prevail, you are using officials on the payroll for incorrect diagnosis, and placing me under monitor whilst having ambulances shadowing me around for over a year everywhere, whilst running highly illegal and psychologically damaging harassment programs, these are the credible authorities - happy to inflict human suffering, yet my family takes everything they say as gospel - which is a complete disconnect for me as I sit here telling myself that I am innocent and have done nothing to lose my children, wondering what I can do to put an end to this, somehow, anyhow.

          You can have every assett deployed against me directly in an effort to frame me, and I have no right to seek independent legal assistance, advice, someone to talk to with them being pre-conditioned, without interference, just so I can address my family situation and remove this layer of a lie I seem to be living under and try to correct all the rubbish you have filled my familys head with because it suits your agenda, and a samll percentage of it may be true but what was the purpose of distributing private information, specifically creating a profile to cause division and conflict within the family, whilst you imprisoned and made me into a pariah in the community broadcasting lies, and amongst family and friends using well established and illegal gang stalking tactics, essentially no touch illegal torture, as the warped story outside is managed to a population, no matter my behaviour in this theatre - no one deserves this, I have commited NO CRIME, you have NO right to dismantle and try to restructure my family as part of whatever nefarious deals you have made and go as far as to use the same underhanded tactics to achieve this with the wider family and manage this as your m.o using the same unethical methods.

          Who has ordered this "hit", if it was an investigation I would have been exonerated by now and the illegal ring fencing removed from my life, and set the record straight with my family, but having endured this for well over a year and a half and survived from what I can only deem as a psychological terrorism, a murder attempt, I want my freedom or be arrested and charged with whatever you have been "engineering" evidence and profiles for using systems of corruption, interestingly a profile of something I am not, why, to fit what? What else have you been doing? Perhaps the state should be going after the real criminals sitting in air conditioned offices and in their ivory towers, or those making deals with big pharma and promoting wars, and have vested interests in nefarious activities, and I can point many out on a grand scale instead of focusing on framing me, a nobody, and trying to destroy my life when someone got something wrong, very wrong.

          You can't go round framing people, operating like a state Mafia - entrapping them using dirty tricks, gang stalking, feeding a distorted view of the reality whilst creating conditions to display this, an incorrect psychological profile created and desperate attempts to make me look like I had a psychological shift and suddenly turned into a career criminal hiding bars of gold under my floorboards or about to commit a crime when you have been pulling all the strings all along from behind the curtain, settig me up, NO, YOU HAVE ALL THIS WRONG!!! And trying desperately using psychological techniques to condition those around me to this false narrative! Absolute corruption to the core, nothing else, following no rule of law, just a system of deceit and corruption creating any profile you please based on a few minor faults! I had faults as stated before but nothing on this scale, and what business was my private life of anyone else's. Where every move, action and spoken word is manipulated and broadcasted to communities, neighbours and associates, where I have no privacy, where the intelligence services can turn my whole area into a theatre of operations and help dissolve my marriage and kids having successfully sabotaged all my other relationships, entrapment after entrapment, setups, engineering a dirty profile using very underhanded tactics using espionage, framing, all because some dodo spent £m's no doubt mostly to bribe and coerce others and now needs results, by hook or crook, the latter being applied here and when I react and lower myself to your levels, its front page community news.

          I have been charged with no crime, convicted of nothing, because I have done nothing and neither do I have any intention to either, these are your grandiose fantasies to justify actions against me and then engineering a profile to suit using the same corrupt systems in an attempt to create a motive and matching profile, when everyone knows I am anything but, however you worked on each person covertly and conditioning them to this profile, if that's not a fit up, what is? I am a simple guy with simple needs at base level, I have no sense of grandiose as you engineered this and picked innocent things to feed this, and I have done NOTHING to risk losing my children and I will not stop until they are safe and this issue is resolved - events and reactions were engineered and moulded to suit the narrative in the theatre, psychological profiles built using corrupt health officials to suit the narrative which you kindly relayed to family members who should know better!

          More concerning and clearly showing how corrupt this whole operation is - instead of offering genuine assistance to deal with the hell you unleashed on me for the past year and half, you arranged for me to speak to a health professional, instead, I was steered into a pre-arranged direction, like everything else - efforts were made to blame some poor soul who I worked with who has nothing to do with anything and the health official should not have known about this discussion unless they were spoken to before and preconditioned to assign blame for what were in fact real time actual issues relating to the meddling of my family, constant surveillance and continued skullduggery, not historical issues relating to my past employment, more corruption and conditioning, more pulling of strings behind the scenes to steer the situation and fit me up and assign blame - take note *CENSORED FORMER EMPLOYER*, and hopefully you have nothing to do with any illegal activities and human right violations where the goal was to take someone down using cointelpro tactics.

          Set up after set up, pathetic, everyone blaming everyone else, a community stitch up operation gone wrong, cover ups, well something had gone wrong, because here I am - I have committed no crime, but being treated like some Al Capone, evading desperate attempts to stitch me up and then conditioning friends and family members to fit that narrative slowly, going round conditioning people or buying them, turning people, what was this for exactly? Call this an investigation? Yet I am able to get no help without interference from dark suits, or even go to the authorities for help as the veil of democracy is removed, as you systematically knock any support I have, person by person, essentially you have used some very dirty and underhanded tricks to achieve a preset outcome and win the minds of those around me dangling carrots as you buy time to create what you wanted, as you conduct entrapment operations against me just because you had insiders whom I trusted with my life, this was not an investigation, this was an entrapment operation, a set up and a frame up, you actually tried to make me look like I have issues or am guilty of something when I have no such issues, manipulating the story because someone got something wrong somewhere. I am a perfectly healthy and very happy with who I am - despite corrupt diagnosis and massaged realitys to family members, you have tailored a profile exactly as requested by someone, this is not me, engineered over the past year or so using underhanded methods, I will put my hands up to anything I am guilty of and of my faults, but I will NOT be set up and framed for anything where I am at risk of losing my children as I have done nothing to warrant that, I am paying for everyone else's mistakes! Your spinning and manipulating everyone and everything behind the scenes and pulling all the strings, nothing is being done by the book here. The worst thing you have done is poison my relationships based on lies and incorrect psychological profiling that suits whatever it is that you are trying to achieve and fit me up for, and you have made people believe this, prompting them to x knowing exactly what my reaction would be having full view of the situation, this is outright trickery, namely poisoning my OH who should also know better, this is sick and sadistic, you had no right, especially given that it is not true.

          You either arrest me, charge me, so I have a chance to correct the rubbish being spouted so I can save my family, or you do the right thing and set the record straight with my family and cease all operations against me and confirm this, I have endured this theatre from hell silently for long enough, trusting everyone around me as they betrayed me and bought you time, and I suddenly find myself at the edge of a cliff having no one but with everything at stake.

          I am once again pleading to someone, anyone, I am begging, I will not stop, I will fight for what is dear to me, because it shouldn't have got here, this far, as I had done nothing I was not prepared to answer for which I repeatedly offered to do.


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            As a matter of record - I tried to seek legal assistance but that seemed to have also been intercepted, I just wanted them to write to the authorities and ask why I should be, stalked and under surveillance etc to bring the matter out in the open so I can sort things out, sick of living what is essentially a lie as the story outside is built up - the pieces are coming together and whats being done is NOT by the book, I find it hard to believe that a lawyer is unable to write a simple letter for me, even to see why I am on community notifications, or violent persons list! I have also been led into DSS where I was put down as "data entry" which was odd, and also health officials have been leading things, strings are being pulled behind the scenes! I am a perfectly healthy individual of sane mind but there seems to be conservative efforts to make it look otherwise.
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              I just found this thread - I have never seen this before, what everyone is doing is very sick, especially where someones family is concerned - brothers and sisters should call this type of evil behaviour out or refuse to take part in it, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.