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    Salaam all,

    Firstly, apologies if this is posted on the wrong board, if so please feel free to move it to the correct board.

    I work as a web developer and I sometimes work on my own projects. One such project is a "Zakat Calculator". It is simply a website which allows you to calculate your Zakat payment. The website can be accessed at

    It's not a unique idea but it was something I wanted to do as the other Zakat calculators I have come across were not always up to date with the latest Nisab rates and some of them were not mobile friendly.

    I want to make clear at this point that I DO NOT make any money from this website. It is not a business venture, but merely a service for the benefit of the Muslim community.

    Once you have calculated your Zakat payment, you can choose to make a donation to a pre-selected charity via JustGiving. The charity I am linking to at the moment is called "Karimia Institute". I don't have any affiliation with this charity - it was selected randomly from the charities that are collecting Zakat payments on JustGiving.

    Currently the service only supports GBP currency but I have plans to add more currencies, e.g. USD and EUR.

    The Nisab rates are updated daily using the latest Gold and Silver prices.

    The reason I have put this here is firstly, to make people aware of this service and hopefully you will find it useful. And secondly, to gather some feedback from users. Is the information on it accurate? Can anything be improved?

    JazakAllah and look forward to hearing your feedback!