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Some question about the origin of the Shaytaan

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  • Some question about the origin of the Shaytaan

    From what I know is; Iblees is the first Jin, the father of all Jinns, the King of the Shayateen and all the Shaytaan are the offspring of the Jinn so something just popped in my mind about the origin of the Shaytaan.

    1). How was Shayateen and the Qareen created in the first place? When Azazeel became Iblees and was expelled from the Heavens, was he the only one that time or was there others with him and re-populated their offspring or did he convince the other Jinns on Earth to follow him then the numbers of followers grew from generations to generation?

    2) I know that Iblees will live until the end but what about the other Shayateen? Do they die then another one is assigned to stay with this person or do they live long like Iblees?

    3) Can Muslim Jinns see the Shayateen? Do Shaytaan/Qareen try to lead them astray the same way as they do to humans or are left alone?
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    First off, as far as I know, Iblis was not the first Jinn or rather he is from amongst the earlier generations. I have not found any statements that suggest Iblis is the father of Jinnkind.

    Nor do we know what his name was before "Iblis".

    1) There is a hadith that I am reminded of. I do not remember how authentic it is, if I find it I will post it iA.

    As far as I know, most of the Jinn were wiped out, especially the rebellious ones. Not all.

    So Iblis has children and they are appointed to become a person's Jinn qareen.

    2) Jinns are like Humans. And they will die like Humans. However, they live for a very long time. We do not need to know how long.

    But I am reminded of an Ayah which could indicate how long a Jinni might live. I will post it iA

    3) Muslim Jinn are amongst the unseen as well so I imagine very well so. And I do not know about what you said after that but of course like Humans, they can be mislead from their own people. am just a simple nomad.

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      I recommend watching this series iA am just a simple nomad.

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