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Medication for mental health- helpful or obstructive?

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  • Medication for mental health- helpful or obstructive?

    I know there could be cases where taking medication for mental illness can help the person achieve certain objectives they could not achieve without it.

    But how helpful is such medication such as anti depressants for most people? Does it stop them from overcoming real issues by reducing the symptoms?

    Some suggest only taking this medication for a short while and then trying to tackle issues in life after a 'break'.

    Or maybe the medication is helpful when prescribed correctly and it is upto the individual to deal with their own issues at the same time?

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    yes ur right

    as these meds just change level of neurotransmitters
    and so that leads to reduction in negative symptoms

    but doesnt stop the actual underlying causes


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      but quran and honey is shifa

      i been in situations where i had mad headache or felt like crap
      after reading quran or being in salaat in jamaat hearing quran its gone

      reading quran will cure any mental issue such as anxiety depression etc

      but u also have to read the meaning
      as all the answers are there but u need to know and understans


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        From what I understand the way they find out what works is keep prescribing till something works. When it works, it actually keeps patients from self harm

        but i think its very important individuals exhaust every possible solution before deciding to go on pills.
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          Some doctors over prescribe anti-depressants. Recents studies show that most people with depression can be treated with long term therapy but that doctors go through the easiest and cheapest route which is medicine. Now if long term therapy isn't working than medicine should be a resort along with therapy.

          I personally have bi polar disorder and use to take seroquel but stopped taking them on my own accord because it made me feel out of it, like an outer body experience on a daily basis.
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            i think medicine is helpful, depending on what condition you have that is...
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              Jazak Allah khair for all the answers.

              i guess it's down to individual experience.