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Naturalistic explanations for the state of the Ummah?

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  • Naturalistic explanations for the state of the Ummah?

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    If we are going about it in scientific terms perhaps global warming which causes famine and famine causes war. Lack of food causes more fights without food you see the upper class taking all the food and the lower class going hungry which causes the lower class to revolt.

    Pride is also another reason case in point Assad, Muhammad bin Salaman, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan. These countries have one thing in common a leader that is obsessed with power and has pride that makes them think thy are deserving of that power and that they know what is best for their people when in fact they do what is best for them not their people. But this also has ties to the deep think about it Pride in Islam is haram so if people listened to Allah and the Prophet (saw) these wouldn't happen.
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        Do you believe Allah SWT and his messenger pbuh?

        everything else is circumstancial
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          Just read about Uhud.
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