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  • Guilt

    I was reading about the Genocide in Bosnia.

    Women and children as young as 9 were systematicaly raped and murdered.

    It keeps me up at night. I find it difficult to deal with.

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    well this has happened is syria iraq and rohingya myanmar as well so it hasnt ended

    still most so called muslim authorities do nothing
    its up to the people to change the situation

    its one of the best weapons of the kuffar attack our honour by assaulting our women folk

    in syria they went even further by doing it to men


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      We will all pay the price for our inaction in the hereafter.
      Women who were raped now live on the same streets, villages and towns as their assailants.
      Why can they not have justice?


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        coz muslims are scared to fight back
        or the governments are corrupt and dont care


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          Sexual violence against women & girls is a weapon of war which has been used by those carrying out genocidal campaigns of terror.
          Allah is always watching [VIDEO]

          How To Weep For The Fear Of Allah

          Please remember to share these links with people you know so they can also benefit from them. :jkk:


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            I'm from Bosnia, and I'd been there. OK, I wasn't raped, but the childhood was inexplicably horrific. Yes, we're forced to live with them and to ask them for forgiveness and this wasn't the first time, it had happened for over 40 times in history. Why, because we're Muslims between 2 big Christian countries in the middle of Europe and were always left all alone with them.

            And when it comes to you, please, we sleep way better than you, so you should too. As someone said it's happening in Syria, Afganistan, etc still.
            Don't rush your salat for anything, as you are standing in front of
            The One who is in charge of whatever you are rushing for!


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              These atrocities don't happen in isolation or by coincidence; rather, these are all signs pointing to the fact that we need Islam and we need it to be implemented in the political sphere as a unified Caliphate. We lost our Caliphate in 1924 when Kemal "Ataturk" dismantled Islamic rule and forcibly imposed secularism on Turkey. Various Muslim lands were carved into pieces in the years that followed (and they celebrate that carved disunity by calling it their "independence day") and hand picked puppets became the rulers of our lands.

              As long as we neglect our faraid (Islamic obligations) and neglect the order of Allah (swt) to implement His laws on earth in the form of the Khilafah ruling system; we will continue to be weak, divided, raped and humiliated time and time again. As long as Muslims waste time calling for the shirk of democracy, plead for aid from the kufaar who oppressed us, plead to the organisations of the kufaar such as the UN, the charities and the kufaar run media outlets (knowing that they all have agendas that completely oppose Islam)- then we will fail and these atrocities will not just continue, but spread further and deeper among the Muslim lands. Murders, rapes, unjust incarcerations and massacres which used to only affect Palestine and Kashmir then started to affect Afghanistan, Iraq, then Central African Republic, then Syria and Myanmar and now the Uyghurs of China. This means that the tactics of appealing to the kufaar and their kufr systems of UN, democracy and charity are the best way to fail and allow these genocides to happen more often and in more parts of the world than ever before.

              Allah (swt) is not in need of your guilt and the Ummah is not in need of your guilt. What you need to do is to obey Allah ta'ala's commands, to command what is good and forbid what is evil, to implement the faraid (obligations/duties) and stay away from what is haram and to work towards the resumption of the Islamic way of life, not just in your own personal household, but in propagating it to the Ummah with the aim of implementing it across the Muslim world. The Khalif is a shield behind which we fight and protect ourselves. Allah (swt) is sending us a sign that this is what happens to the Ummah when we are without our shield and this should provoke a sense of urgency within us to get it back.
              The Lyme Disease pandemic: