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Me, I and My... What about You?

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  • Me, I and My... What about You?

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullah.

    Something that crosses the mind from time to time... and inshaa-Allah, worthwhile thinking about.

    The concept of selfishness. (There's one of those little psychology quizzes that we all love :p - or hate - to go along with it, at the bottom of this post. I was going to make this a thread on the lighter side, but it's too important a point to not address with some seriousness.
    The reality is that selflessness is a key part of being a believer, so much so that Allah Ta'aalaa has mentioned the following in more than one place, equating selflessness with the ultimate goal of being successful with Him (SWT)

    ۚ وَمَنْ يُوقَ شُحَّ نَفْسِهِ فَأُولَٰئِكَ هُمُ الْمُفْلِحُونَ

    ...And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul - it is those who will be the successful.

    (-Sura Al-Hashr, Ayah 9)

    A lot of the time as individuals we under-estimate how selfish we are. (Thinking about myself here first, as well people in general). Not all of us of course. Alhamdulillah. Some of us are blessed with really genuine, caring, selfless personalities in the truest sense.

    Sometimes, I guess we think that by giving what we can, or even a lot of sadaqah, etc (alhamdulillah) we are actualising this quality of selflessness - and we are, alhamdulillah. But that's only part of selflessness and generosity.

    The thing I think a lot of us often overlook is how generous we are with giving our time and mental and emotional energy to probably most glaringly, the deen of Allah Ta'aalaa and in service of it, but also to others in general.

    When we look closely we may see that we are, in fact, quite miserly and selfish in those ways.

    ... I remember listening to a shaykh discussing this a while back when speaking of ailments of the heart, in particular, mental and emotional miserliness, and when the point above was bought up, it was something of an unsettling realisation for myself. It's quite an obvious point when we think about it, but somehow it's something really quite easily overlooked - at least on my part it was.

    In any case, something to think more deeply about for myself, and for anyone else, inshaa'Allah.

    (Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullah)


    Quiz: How Selfish Are You?

    (results are from 1-16 with 9 being balanced, 1 being most selfish and 16 being most altruistic)


    "And if you would count the graces of God, never could you be able to count them. Truly, God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (Qur'aan 16:18)
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