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Are all ISOCs/MSAs this bad?

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  • Are all ISOCs/MSAs this bad?


    There was a brother who was serving a local ISOC/MSA as an executive member, and has now been "elected" President.

    Him, and his lover/girlfriend, who also serves as a Head for one of this ISOC's/MSA's committees, sexually harassed, stalked, bullied, and are suspected to have even performed black magic - eventually traumatizing and kicking out a respectable sister from participating in the activities of the ISOC/MSA, and hurting her relationship with those in her personal life as well as impacting her health (mental, emotional and physical). They worked together, and eventually had their rumours about that sister - along with the help of former executive members that have directly interacted with that sister - spread all over the ISOC/MSA. Their motives for doing so, only Allah knows, but there were suspicions amongst the MSA members about the sister's character, political ties (when it was/is really the other way around in that community and the sister was really just being "used/abused" by the other Muslim organizations in that community+a whole bunch of other drama), and some MSA brothers thought this would be the most "Islamic" way to get to know that sister for marriage purposes. One of the hottest topics of discussion within that ISOC/MSA as related to that sister was who stole who's virginity. No joke. In addition to so-called knowledgeable and born Muslims winning election votes by making blasphemous claims, about Allah :Swt

    That sister is having a hard time getting over her experiences within that ISOC/MSA and her local Muslim community. So much so, that she is seriously considering threatening all those that were involved with their lives. She is having a hard time moving on with her life because of what she believes they did to her, and she would like to receive justice for what she went through. Is she in the right for sending them that threat, or is there something else that she should do?

    JazakAllah khair.
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    UK ISOC's are awesome, may Allah bless them.

    Can't say the same for some of the american MSA though. If they have sexually harassed the sister, I think she should report them to the police. For any lesser harassment/bullying, she should report them to her university.


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      Walaykum salam,

      I don't think this is how it is across the board, but I'm not surprised that some MSAs would involve questionable practices as pretty much anyone can set up an ISOC and I don't think it's like a regulated thing (I'm not suggesting it should be regulated as that would bring in other problems like government interference and spying etc, but being unregulated also entails problems). Many years ago I used to know a sister who studied at Edinburgh University and she said both the head and deputy head of her ISOC on separate occasions made a pass at her even though both guys were married.

      She wasn't bullied or traumatised or anything, she just told them she wasn't interested and that was that, but the fact that they felt they could do that in itself gives some idea as to the lack of "I" in the ISOC. This sort of problem could happen anywhere and its not specific to Muslims or ISOCs. Sometimes in masjids if the wrong people are in charge then they could bring in a culture of cronyism and bullying because they're on a power trip and want to hold on to their influence at any cost. In a secular non Muslim context these situations can arise with school or workplace bullying as well. The themes are similar; a person or group of people are considered as having higher status or influence within the organisation and use that influence to put down anyone who is considered an outsider or a threat and the first step to doing that is to go to the group of followers and tell them what rumours to spread to discredit the other person (who is often having to battle this alone).

      I don't know the extent of bullying or harassment going on, but if I were in the sisters shoes, my first step at an early stage would've been to speak to student services about what's going on. It's possible that white non Muslims don't know what's happening in community groups and don't want to get involved at first in case they're accused of racism or something but once they receive a complaint of something more sinister going on under the campus roof, then they have a responsibility to at least record it and take it on board. It's possible that the sister is not the only person this happened to if there's a culture of bullying anyway so if they get more complaints then this would add even more weight to her case and they could take things further. She also needs to make sure they don't take a "throwing out the baby with the bath water" approach- in that she doesn't want this incident to be used as an excuse to shut down prayer rooms and wudhu facilities; she just wants to put an end to the bullying, harassment and threats. Make this a bullying and harassment complaint rather than a deviation of religious practices complaint (as the host community want to suppress Islam anyway so could be more of a hindrance than a help with that). If the harassment is more serious such as groping or attempted rape type stuff, then contact a victim support type advocacy organisation and talk to them about whether it's worth contacting the police (police could end up saying it's he said she said and the bullies have support from followers so might not be able to take further action). If she's still studying there then she should keep recording devices in order to gather evidence of bullying and harassment. They might not be admissible in court but at least it means they'll know the bullies are lying if they deny it and may be enough for the campus to suspend or expel the culprits.
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        MSAs are usually pretty bad, but this is an extreme case.


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          I'm guessingyou are from America though?
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